Recent Food Pics + Cymera P2

Since exams are soooooo over, I'm on my food adventures again! I always get comments like "you eat the best food!', "you've got so many food pics! quite the foodie, aren't you!?" especially from my friends from overseas. Well, logging daily food activities has become part of a typical Singaporean's lifestyle. Hahaha.

First, here are some totally unrelated pics while trying to practise making different expressions. Not very successful as you can see. Close mouth smile, open-mouthed smile, annoying duck face, and cross-eyed smile is really just about everything I know.

Uploading this one only because I think the first one is funny
I've been eating a lot, but but but but there aren't many food pics because I get too hungry. :/
And also, unlike last time, I don't need to prove that "I've got a life". In case you're trying to find the link between 'having a life' and photos of food, let me enlighten you.

In the minds of some EQ Level-Challenged people, eating nice food = going out = having friends = having a life. And because I am Not-Very-Pretty and Don't Wear High Heels and Wear Glasses, I fit right into the No Life stereotype. Which I am so done obsessing over. Because when you reach a certain age, and people who don't matter say sh!t about you, you're like... whatever.

Oh yeah I was supposed to be uploading food pics, wasn't I? Anyway, like I said, there're just a few because I've (thankfully) outgrown THAT phase.

Oh and you are going to hate me, but trying to sift out these 7 photos from the 20 similar ones I took is tiring, so I'm gonna go, maybe I'll upload the food pics, and maybe I won't. But then again, nobody cares because the people who read this blog are already following me on Instagram. Hahaha.


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