My First InstaVideo!

Well, not technically, because I cancelled upload by accident and wasn't able to upload it again. And I wasn't ignoring my friend (speaking in the background) Am just fantastic at multitasking. Hahaha. :P

And April just told me that she thinks it's hilarious how my friend (her name is Yvonne) talked non-stop, and even mentioned really random stuff like '1 kg of rice'.

Honestly, I wasn't being rude. I wouldn't do something like this with mere acquaintances, and if you think this is rude, you obviously aren't my friend, and no amount of explanation can placate you. When I'm not with close friends, my phone is almost inexistent, in case you're wondering.

I'd InstaVideo more, but like I always say, my expression bank is Private Limited, so this pretty much represents all the videos I'd take, if I got around to doing it.

This video function is actually quite fascinating. If only my phone didn't black out all the time. I've been complaining a lot about my on-the-verge-of-death iPhone 4s and feeling  rather out of sorts about it.

But like my friends pointed out, I didn't pay a cent for it (I won it in a creative writing contest). That brings down the heartbreak factor like a hundred notches, as compared to a million.


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