I'm back! (4 photos in 2 seconds!)

After leaving this space hanging, for what, more than one month? First, I'm going to spam this post with photos of myself. In the same outfit and similar expressions. HAHA. Because I recently made a new discovery. Same app, new discovery. I realised that there's a 'burst' feature!

Basically it means I get to take 4 shots within 3 seconds. Which leaves me just about enough time to switch expressions, and with more practice, angles and poses. You should try it - it really as easy as it seems, unless you're a seasoned pro!

Here you go! I need to learn more expressions!

I really don't know how some people can do the open-mouth pose so well


I hope you had fun looking at 36 similar photos HAHAHA. Because there is no collage where I like all 4 photos! Btw did you notice? I got a new lipstick shade! A little more intense then my usual neutral one so I daren't use it too often!
Other than that, I got a new laptop. Not because I wanna splurge, but the current one is about 3 years old, and my oh-so-special psychic abilities predict impending death. It's quite remarkable that the laptop can last 3+ years without any hiccup. so I'm not gonna take any chances. I mean, if it decides to leave meeeeeeee, what's going to happen to my schoolwork?

Oh and my parents can play with this one, and not worry about spoiling it. Actually it's working just like I first bought it, it must be some bionic computer! Unlike my first one where I had to switch it on 30 minutes in advance :/

And the practical girl I am, got the black instead of white one, so dirt won't be as visible! I remember when I was using the Mac, and the OCD girl in me had to clean it every day. Hahaha.


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