Hailstorm In Singapore!

It's happened again. Now that the haze apocalypse has gone away.... Here comes the hailstones. Pretty tiny ones, but you're talking about hail in the tropics. Right beside the equator. I don't know what's happening to us, it's scary.

We hoped, wished, and prayed for rain. And we got snow! In a single-season country! This week may just be THE record-breaking week in Singapore history.

I dunno. It's like, Silent Hill + The Day After Tomorrow. What next? Fantastic 4? X-men? Everyone who got hit by the hail gets superpowers? Or some kryptonite and radioactive spider saga. Then we'll be the nation of superheroes, and SAVE THE WORLD! I can TOTALLY visualise a Hollywood-worthy blockbuster now.

If that happens, (surprise surprise!) I won't be part of the life-saving, elite, super strong task force that I've always fantasised about belong to. Because I live nowhere near the area where the (mini) hailstorm took place. #foreverinsignificant

When the monstrous haze set in, I did wish for The Avengers or Justice League to arrive, you know. As ridiculous as it sounds. I was feeling anxious about the health hazards on my family and the community to bother about my perceived sanity.
They probably don't seem that much of a deal to you, but imagine having a snowstorm during summer. There are photos of fallen trees, pots & plants, and even wall tiles, but those photos don't belong to me, so I daren't upload them. But I bet videos will be up on YouTube soon, will be updating!

Fortunately, this didn't happen during rush hour/lunch hour, or I think a lot of people may have gotten hurt! I wonder if those areas felt any change in temperature, because there was a LOT of ice.


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