You are more beautiful than you think

I once had a dream that I'm some famous sensation who kids look up too. I go to schools to talk to kids, kids listen to me when I tell them drugs are bad and stuff (and STILL think I'm cool), host television programs, am friends with Ellen DeGeneres....
And then one day, on a talk show, somebody asked me the gazillion-dollar question:
"What do you feel is your best feature?"

I mean, I'll be able to smoke through a question like "what do you like best about yourself" in a shot. But this one had me stumped.

It was a live show, and I didn't know what to say. There was dead air for what seemed like a millennium, and then I don't know what happened because I woke up.

And then I watched this.

In a nutshell: 
In Dove's new campaign, A forensic artist sketched each woman based on how they described themselves. He then sketched the SAME woman on how OTHERS described them. The differences were drastic, and of course you know which is the 'horrible version'. We are our worst critics, and you know what? Everything little flaw we have been obsessing over, may not even be noticed by others!

If you were to ask me to describe myself, here's what I'd say. And then you'd think I'm the most pathetic and pessimistic person in the world and not want to be my friend HAHA. But here goes!

I have a gigantic square jaw. It looks like Brad Pitt's jaw. But dammit, I am a girl.
My eyes? My eyes hold testament to the fact that not all Asians have tiny eyes. But my left eye is larger than my left, especially when I smile. Not that I smile a lot, because I think I look horrible when I smile.
My smile isn't really wide. and my teeth are tiny. Like when I smile, both rows of teeth show. I'm trying to smile now, and I think I look horrible. Sometimes I wish I had a smile which comes oh-so-naturally, like what they call the megawatt smile.
Speaking of smiles, now you're gonna ask me about my lips. My lips droop downwards when my face is relaxed. I look really fierce and unapproachable which is wear I'm not. But I don't see how I can concentrate on stuff when all I'm thinking of is 'make your mouth look nicer leh"
My nose looks like a freakin' isosceles triangle. A massive one too. It's so meaty I think it takes up 1/4 of my face. And my chin. What chin? On good days I have 2, though. Hmmm.. my hair.
My hair isn't straight, it it's neither curly or wavy too. I am the Princess of Frizz. My hair isn't only frizzy, it's also thick. I look like I'm wearing a military grade helmet. I bet a housefly wouldn't be able to escape if it flew into my hair my accident.
My patchy skin is a mess, I have gigantic pores, zits, and sometimes I think having crystal clear skin is an urban myth.

You know, the results of this little experiment are really true. I listen to my friends talk (with genuine distress(about how fat/ugly/disproportionate/etc they are (ok fine, I complain the most - I can join World of Records). But every time they talk about their 'flaws', I just DON'T see them, however much I try. I guess this proves that how we view ourselves and how OTHERS view ourselves can be totally different.

So... do a little experiment today? :)

HA look who's talking. I still wouldn't dare ask anyone to describe me but oh well I guess I can't be THAT bad, can I? Because If I were, I can go act in Shrek or something and earn lots and lots of mooooooolah.


Hanis. said…
I watched the video last week and it made me tear up!

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