What I looked like 10 years ago

A few weeks ago, I got a text from a friend (who I still keep in touch with)
Friend: I just saw your long lost sister *OMG emoticon face*
Me: Who? What? Where? You Whatsapp Wrong person?
Me: Pause
Friend: :)
Friend: Hahaha no
Friend: I saw you! The old you!
Friend: XD
Friend: *OMG emoticon*

And then she sent me this.

Brace yourselvesssssss

This is going to be life changing.

But we all went through awkward stages, right?

Well I hope everyone did.

It would make me feel less.... bad.


I think I should stop being annoying.

But really, I'm doing this for your own good.

OKAY OKAY. Don't go away, here it is!!

I swear, the months after this weren't as bad.
My friend found a class list in her room, and another friend saw it, found it amusing, took a picture, and sent it to me. I was horrified. HAHAHA. Then I couldn't stop laughing. Then I sent it to some of my friends. HAHAHA. Then I don't know why but I felt shortchanged in life hahaha #shallow

10 years. Actually, it felt like yesterday. How much have I changed?  I just put on weight, and have longer hair. Personality-wise, I'm not as ridiculously shy, though I wish I could be more fun and vivacious. But oh well.... I'll take this step by step. I'm already trying to have a more friendly demeanour by (it's silly, I know), talking to myself in front of a camera, and then scrutinising myself, right?
And then I tried looking for a photo with the same expressionless expression (if that makes any sense) and...... TADA. Not say very pretty la hor, but I'll take this over my 13-year-old self, anytime.

Actually I can't figure out what changed except for the hair, but perhaps it's because I see myself every day, so I don't notice much of a difference.
How much have YOU changed? Not just in terms of appearances, but your goals, outlook on life, friends, anything at all?

And now we know.... (In my school, at least), being bullied because of your looks is a myth. MYTH BUSTED. But honestly I haven't seen anyone who looked as bad as I did, myth or not, I guess it doesn't matter! :D

*saw Moonberry do this, so I plucked up all my courage to do this too (but at least she was also pretty 10 years ago). I'm now using the "before" and "after" photo as my phone's wallpaper, so give myself more motivation to improve :D Coz I know obviously I still have a lot to improve on. Wish me luck!!



Saba M.Ali said…
Haha you've changed apart from the hair too.Your face is more developed and you're very pretty. ^_^ (no flattery.i am serious.)
If I examine myself,I've changed loads.I used to be so weird.Weirder than I am now and quite invisible-looking if that's a term.
ShuShu said…
Awww thank you you're so nice! I'm my harshest critic. Haha.

And you're only 16! Believe more, more positive changes are coming your way! And you don't seem like the invisible sort to me at all! :D
Saba M.Ali said…
no problemo.It's the truth! :)
ah i hope so! :) Aww,thank youuu. C:

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