The Happiest Month of My Life (I think)

Hi! I haven't blogged for a looooooong time. And this time, I have no excuse. After thinking and thinking and trying to cook something up. HAHAHA.

Just a shortened version first... Last Month, I:

1) Had a hotel room all to myself


2) Represented my country to in some obstacle course and realised I am really very unfit. But hey I got the highest score (apart from another guy) for a series of computer games, not bad also la, hor?

Photo stolen from my new Thai and Malaysian friends =D
Nobody took photos of me + video interview, thank goodness.

3) Did hair treatment at a super chi-chi boutique. And now I wish I am a multi-gazillionaire because I could really get used to life like this. And all the staff were good-looking which well... didn't really matter because I don't wear glasses while doing my hair. And no photos because I looked like a cling-wrapped pighead. Hahaha.

4) I also met a dear friend who came back to Singapore for bit during her holidays (She's studying in Japan now)

5) I went to Universal Studios with Posic, and took many photos!

6) Finally tried out the best camera in the world. Something some of my photographer friends have been raving about. But I think, for now, I'll be one of those 'Trigger Happy Bozo with An Expensive Camera but Knows Shit About Photography"

7) Watched too much Project Runway and hence decided to try out a new style of dressing. Which I think looks quite good HAHAHA. You know, with messier hair, a brown leather sling bag, and more accessories. Best thing is, got this this top at a good price of $5! Cheri and I were on a "No $5, No Buy" Spree HAHAH Cheapskates I know!

8) Oh and I've started to write letters to myself.
It’s similar to writing in a diary, but you see, with a diary, you can flip back whenever you want to. I want something more. Something like a time capsule. Something I can open in 10-20 years, and look back and laugh. I wonder what I’ll think of these letters when I am 20 HAHAHA. Immature, perhaps. I hope I find myself cute la. XD
I’ve sealed all these nicely, and it would be a pity to open them. So they’re safe! You can write letters to yourself, AND keep a diary, if you like! Writing letters to yourself is so fun. I had so much fun reading the letters that my primary school friends sent me! I do wish I still kept the ones from Kindergarten but oh well it’s never too late! So much fun that I’ve recently pestered a few of my good friends to be my penpal. EHHHH it’s good for them too! I’m sure they will thank me someday!!!


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