New Pink Room, and the Truth about my Face

Hi! So yep, I've just moved back to my home because renovation is finally completed (well more or less). Here's a photo of my room before they move my bed and desk in! 
Guess you know my favourite colour by now, hahahaha. And no I don't think the pink's an overkill. My wardrobe (not in pic) is pink too hahahahah. 
 And now I'm packing, packing, and packing. I don't know how I managed to contain all my stuff in my room last time, because it's looking pretty hopeless now.
Hope to finish it superrrrr fast because I've got exams in less than a month, PLUS a kinda major filming project! Wish me luck! :D
Oh and of course I wouldn't do a blogpost with ONE update. One measly update, how is that even possible? :D
These days, besides my newfound aspiration to be the next Jamie Oliver plus being The Girl Who Makes Her Own Clothes, (this is what watching too much 30 Minutes with Jamie Oliver and Project Runway does to a serial dreamer like me), I've also been obsessed with experimenting with many different expressions.
As you can see, I am not doing too well. But it's ok. I still have my gourmet chef career to fall back on. As soon as I learn how to work the stove, that is.
I also need to learn to craft shorter sentences. But thank you if you read the loooooooooooong sentence before this. Thank you if you went back to read it too. Though you shouldn't have skipped :D

And just to get some of you to shut up about 'fail Photoshop', here's a video I took just minutes after (or maybe before) these selfies. I don't know why my eyes aren't of the same size, especially when I don't wear makeup. Not sure why my brows aren't symmetrical as well.

Now, I usually wouldn't mention my flaws because people won't notice if I don't. But it's getting apparent that they are noticeable la. Just that people keep saying it's 'Fail Photoshop". Irritating much. Not that the asymmetry affects me. But the 'fail photoshop thing' is really annoying la. Not that I don't use photoshop either. It's a matter of some people being houseflies I wanna swat away.
So shut up about the stupid comments (unless you are my friend who tells me because you are such a dear who doesn't want other people to laugh at me).

Btw off-topic and just FYI, all photos on magazines have some element of Photoshop. So don't be that idiot who holds the magazine up, wrinkles her nose in disgust, and says "EEEEEE PHOTOSHOP ONE, SOOOO FUR-AKEEEE'. Because that only shows what an ignorant twat you are.


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