My First Roller Coaster Ride

Well, sorta roller coaster. HAHA. It wasn't the biggest in the park! This is going to be a wordy post, but you didn't really expect me to whip out a camera and take shameless selfies on my first ever roller coaster ride, did you? :P

So, if you've been following my post, I went to Universal Studios last month! And there was this GIGANTIC roller coaster. You NEED to watch this. In full screen mode! I just watched this even though I'm like "OMG I WANNA DIE", my eyes were still glued to my screen for the whole 5 minutes! (Watch from 1min onwards if you're lazy, and 1.30 if you're super lazy)


Actually, I watched it twice. HAHA. 10 minutes wasted.

It's massive, unbelievably fast, and really, the highlight of all the rides.
Which I was too chicken to try. And also because I'm not supposed to go on fast, high impact rides la.

That's when I saw ANOTHER similar but smaller one (which I forgot to take a pic of).  The view is amazing, we can  see the water rides, and THE PALACE!!!!!!

Here's the video. It's not as slow as it looks! I only chose it because I thought it was cruising along at a slow and leisurely pace, and I could take many selfies HAHAHAH wth I know.


And here's a video somebody took while on the rollercoaster. Please please please watch it because his sound effects are... Outta the world hilarious! I was in stiches the whole time HAHAHAH.


The whole ride took like, what, 40 seconds? And like I said, I saw it from below, and thought that we were gonna cruise along in a leisurely fashion, and I might even have a chance to take photos with an amazing backdrop!
And then we started to go uphill. Man to a roller-coaster first-timer like me, it was high. High and collecting all the potential energy (hello, Physics!) possible. Collecting my trepidation too. I think all the pent up trepidation could have fueled the ride for like 10 years hahahaha I was thinking

"Oh gosh ok I'm regretting this a little, can I say I don't wanna play already?"

Decided against it.. and there I gooooooooo!

I think Posic's skinny arm almost got broken by me because I was squeezing her, sorry! But to my credit, I only screamed once at the beginning, and some girl behind me was screeching her head off! :D
What selfies was I talking about, seriously? Half the time my eyes were shut tight. Especially the part where we went downhill sideways real fast and it was like we were hurtling right into the (fake) cliff.

Because, you know, gravity and all that. You free-fall, fast. Lucky we never go the upside down one, or I'd have cursed my heart out and all the parents would have been so pissed at me and surviving the 9887182782 heartbeats per minute thing would have been the east of my worries!

It seemed to go on forever and ever and ever hahaha but the wind against my face felt amazing! You know, right now, I actually think that I could take the ride again without batting an eyelid. Maybe even take in the sights around me like an elegant, refined girl should. And even do some yoga-like breaths. Serious!!

And I think I look really tensed because a man with his (stoic) 7-year old daughter in front of me was giving me the "calm down" hand gestures at the end of the ride!

The adrenaline rush was amazing and after that, I was like "OMG LET'S GO AGAIN!!"

But I didn't la. Partly because it was getting too humid, and I was worried about my back. HAHAHA but know that I know everything's fine, yes, I'D DO IT ALL OVER AGAIN!!



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