I am a Sentimental Fool

I found a looooooong-ass letter I wrote to myself before moving, and  I find it pretty funny now. I remember feeling really sad though. All because of a sticker book I threw away.
Moving is really a bitch. There are sooooo many things to pack, that sometimes you just get frustrated and throw them away, only to regret it later. I had to throw away 2 pairs of shoes because tempers were flaring and I didn't dare to admit that I forgot to pack them in. Stupid me.
Well here's the loooooooong letter, if you're interested. I can't believe I wrote 5 pages. HAHAHA.

By the time I'm reading this (I've set it to be published next week), I'll probably be reading this in my newly-renovated room. Well you win some, you lose some. And a nice new room which isn't falling into pieces? Call me the half-full-glass kinda girl.


Anonymous said…
I wrote a letter to my future self in my freshmen year of college and hid it in a random library book. When I wrote it I remember being kinda sad. I asked myself all these personally questions and told myself what I eaten that day and the weather. The shame is that I don't remember the book I put it in and my college library is HUGE! I do remember it was an English to something dictionary. I'm going to go look for it! I planned on wanting years, but I'm to curious now.

So you're not the only one to write letters to your future self!

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