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My First Roller Coaster Ride

Well, sorta roller coaster. HAHA. It wasn't the biggest in the park! This is going to be a wordy post, but you didn't really expect me to whip out a camera and take shameless selfies on my first ever roller coaster ride, did you? :P

So, if you've been following my post, I went to Universal Studios last month! And there was this GIGANTIC roller coaster. You NEED to watch this. In full screen mode! I just watched this even though I'm like "OMG I WANNA DIE", my eyes were still glued to my screen for the whole 5 minutes! (Watch from 1min onwards if you're lazy, and 1.30 if you're super lazy)

Actually, I watched it twice. HAHA. 10 minutes wasted.

It's massive, unbelievably fast, and really, the highlight of all the rides. Which I was too chicken to try. And also because I'm not supposed to go on fast, high impact rides la.

That's when I saw ANOTHER similar but smaller one (which I forgot to take a pic of).  The view is amazing, we can  see the w…

New Pink Room, and the Truth about my Face

Hi! So yep, I've just moved back to my home because renovation is finally completed (well more or less). Here's a photo of my room before they move my bed and desk in!  Guess you know my favourite colour by now, hahahaha. And no I don't think the pink's an overkill. My wardrobe (not in pic) is pink too hahahahah.  And now I'm packing, packing, and packing. I don't know how I managed to contain all my stuff in my room last time, because it's looking pretty hopeless now. Hope to finish it superrrrr fast because I've got exams in less than a month, PLUS a kinda major filming project! Wish me luck! :D Oh and of course I wouldn't do a blogpost with ONE update. One measly update, how is that even possible? :D These days, besides my newfound aspiration to be the next Jamie Oliver plus being The Girl Who Makes Her Own Clothes, (this is what watching too much 30 Minutes with Jamie Oliver and Project Runway does to a serial dreamer like me), I've also been…

I am a Sentimental Fool

I found a looooooong-ass letter I wrote to myself before moving, and  I find it pretty funny now. I remember feeling really sad though. All because of a sticker book I threw away. Moving is really a bitch. There are sooooo many things to pack, that sometimes you just get frustrated and throw them away, only to regret it later. I had to throw away 2 pairs of shoes because tempers were flaring and I didn't dare to admit that I forgot to pack them in. Stupid me. Well here's the loooooooong letter, if you're interested. I can't believe I wrote 5 pages. HAHAHA.

By the time I'm reading this (I've set it to be published next week), I'll probably be reading this in my newly-renovated room. Well you win some, you lose some. And a nice new room which isn't falling into pieces? Call me the half-full-glass kinda girl.

You are more beautiful than you think

I once had a dream that I'm some famous sensation who kids look up too. I go to schools to talk to kids, kids listen to me when I tell them drugs are bad and stuff (and STILL think I'm cool), host television programs, am friends with Ellen DeGeneres....

And then one day, on a talk show, somebody asked me the gazillion-dollar question:
"What do you feel is your best feature?"
I mean, I'll be able to smoke through a question like "what do you like best about yourself" in a shot. But this one had me stumped.

It was a live show, and I didn't know what to say. There was dead air for what seemed like a millennium, and then I don't know what happened because I woke up.

And then I watched this.

In a nutshell:
In Dove's new campaign, A forensic artist sketched each woman based on how they described themselves. He then sketched the SAME woman on how OTHERS described them. The differences were drastic, and of course you know which is the 'horrible versi…

What I looked like 10 years ago

A few weeks ago, I got a text from a friend (who I still keep in touch with)
Friend: I just saw your long lost sister *OMG emoticon face*
Me: Who? What? Where? You Whatsapp Wrong person?
Me: Pause
Friend: :)
Friend: Hahaha no
Friend: I saw you! The old you!
Friend: XD
Friend: *OMG emoticon*

And then she sent me this.

Brace yourselvesssssss

This is going to be life changing.

But we all went through awkward stages, right?

Well I hope everyone did.

It would make me feel less.... bad.

I think I should stop being annoying.

But really, I'm doing this for your own good.

OKAY OKAY. Don't go away, here it is!!

My friend found a class list in her room, and another friend saw it, found it amusing, took a picture, and sent it to me. I was horrified. HAHAHA. Then I couldn't stop laughing. Then I sent it to some of my friends. HAHAHA. Then I don't know why but I felt shortchanged in life hahaha #shallow

10 years. Actually, it felt like yesterday. How much hav…

The Happiest Month of My Life (I think)

Hi! I haven't blogged for a looooooong time. And this time, I have no excuse. After thinking and thinking and trying to cook something up. HAHAHA.

Just a shortened version first... Last Month, I:

1) Had a hotel room all to myself

2) Represented my country to in some obstacle course and realised I am really very unfit. But hey I got the highest score (apart from another guy) for a series of computer games, not bad also la, hor?

3) Did hair treatment at a super chi-chi boutique. And now I wish I am a multi-gazillionaire because I could really get used to life like this. And all the staff were good-looking which well... didn't really matter because I don't wear glasses while doing my hair. And no photos because I looked like a cling-wrapped pighead. Hahaha.

4) I also met a dear friend who came back to Singapore for bit during her holidays (She's studying in Japan now)

5) I went to Universal Studios with Posic, and took many photos!

6) Finally tried out the best camera in the …