Sometimes, nothing is ever "enough"

Today, I won $30 in the lottery ^^
And then I found myself complaining that I was THIS close to winning $514.

I managed to get quite a few "A" grades this semester after I resigned.
Actually, I got A for all  :D  Like finally. Last time: Full time work + night classes = average results. 
I found myself berating myself for not working hard enough because 'it could have been better'.  And really, it could. Especially for Feature Writing.  But then again, my writing standard is NEVER good enough for me.

Today, I found I won a watch from a magazine giveaway. I

t was called "The Massive Giveaway'. And then I started thinking I shouldn't have entered my name for the watch, and just the expensive stuff =.=

Today, I decided to collect the movie tickets that I won last week.
I didn't want to bother at first because I didn't think movie tickets were worth the trip to the organiser's office.

Today, I won a camera. A really good one. Fujifilm X100.
Not the one I've been raving about and going around calling it my one true love. In fact, it's 4 times more expensive and a whole lot more professional. Again, I got a bit sad that I didn't win my One True Love of a Camera.
Because that one well.... had a flip-out screen where I can take better photos of myself =X

And today I also found how how shallow and unappreciative of good luck I am.
And sometimes I think I get good luck in stuff that can help me nuture my talent because.... I have so little luck with my face HAHAHA.

Oh well, you lose some, you win some.

And I had a real awesome dream today and THIS TIME I managed to write it down in non-gibberish!!! :D



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