Photos of me without glasses

There's been an obsession going on for a few years. Obsession With Thinking Glasses Are Super Ugly And Criminal.

I love my eyes too much to wear contacts, but I can take a few pics of myself without glasses HAHAHA.

Sometimes I get reallys scared that :
1) There must be a reason why most eye doctors wear glasses
2) Contacts may get stuck in my eye, never to be found again.
3) I'll get an eye infection
4) And then get blind for the rest of my life.

And sometimes, I like to avoid any form of bad luck, as much as possible.

Even though I do get teased (or gossiped about by not-my-friends) for wearing glasses.

And here's a super small one just for laughs. HAHAHA.

Anyway, I just wanna say.....

Hi Bitch, my eyes are bigger than yours. And I swear I only brightened the pics a bit.
Stay cool, nice, and funny, y'all!! :D

And once I was damn abngry and spent a damn big effort on my lashes and shading.... But  then I realised I have better things to do with my life. Like working hard and earning more money to get plastic surgery. HAHA kidding. I'm too much of a coward. Though it would be nice to wake up and see a nice nose in the mirror.

(Actually, no kid ever mad fun of me for being ugly. An adult did. A piggy-eyed adult who should know better.)


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