Awkward, Awkward me.

And now even the word "awkward" looks awkward because the more I look at it, the more it looks wrong!

Anyway.. I was in some competition a few days ago (will talk about it in another post when I get the photos). 2 particpants each from 7 countries were chosen because we scored the highest on a Facebook Challenge :D

Thanks to Panasonic Asia, we all got a staycation at Capri by Frasers and new camera! Here's the Camera! The day before I was like 'OMG PLEASE LET ME GET A RED ONE PLEASE LET ME GET A RED ONE', and was plotting and scheming on how to get a red one. Like arriving early, or checking out the unboxing reviews so that I could see where the colour indication is, and get the red one by 'accident' HAHAH.

Anyway, I got the  black one at first. It was sleek and nice, but I really was head over heels with the red one! And then... TRA LALA... Ridzwan (from India) preferred the black one, and what guess what colout he had?!?!


#happy #lucky #iloveupanasonic #iknowthisisnttwitter #butilovehashtags

It's all I've ever wanted in a compact camera. Nice colour, super zoom, amazing Macro mode, fast shutter speed, and it's super slim!! I had my first camera at 21, and the quality for that was even worse than the iPhone3G :/

Anywa, here's a photo of the contestants (the contestants from India aren't in this picture because they had a video interview at that time)

I think it's pretty obvious which one is me.
Speaking of video interviews (and that's why I wrote this post in the first place), I had a really tough time filming the video.

Question: How tough?
Answer: Like, I-forgot-my-name-kind-of-tough.

Which you, my friends may find unbelivable because I am the undisputed camwhore. Put a camera in front of me, and I'll be the first to strike a pose. Put it on video mode, and I'll be like OMGOMGOMG VIDEO AH!! 拍我! 拍我!!!!

And I'd show you the (many) videos where I did that but they're all in my external hard drive.

Anyway the point was THIS VIDEO INTERVIEW. OMG I am was so horrible that I may get famous because of it HAHA WTF. I was tensed, didn't know where to look and downright unnatural. I must have had a lot of kiam pak expressions. And I won't be watching the video hahahaha. Too painful!

I think the camera people (who were really nice and patient) must have been like 'TSK TSK THIS GIRL WASTE MY TIME. IS SHE STUPID OR WHAT'. LOLOLOL.

Anyway, I am honestly a little scared that a lot of people will make fun of me when the video interview is out. Or like in Keeping Up with the Kardashians when something different is potrayed from what I said.  :(  I mean there were lights, a gigantic camera and an equally gigantic microphone!! I am a super fail girl and actually I don't know why I am so bad at everything lololol *bitter laugh*

But then.... I actually AM doing something to reticfy that! I've been practcising my speaking skillssssss. For quite a while. actually, but no results yet. You can't blame someone for being horrible at something when she knows she is, and is trying hard to do better, right? :)

Which is why I am showing you this.

Not thay anybody watches them (except for April, Judith, and maybe Cynthia, Posic, Amanda and Yvo) HAHAHA. Because I wanted to keep it secret. Like... just a place to practise and keep tabs on my progress.

Sometimes, I imagine that one fine day, someone will go:

"EH SHU RIN AH. You're actually quite a good speaker ah. Very natural!"

Then I'll be like:
"Hahaha where got *humble and nonchalant expression but actually damn happy*" I anyhow one la. Just speak lor".
Ok that's all, and please don't hate me, I can be very nice, I swear.


Saba Ali said…
The camera is AWESOME! O.O
ShuShu said…
Yes, and so pretty too! I haven't had a super clear camera since... well until now! :)

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