Well Hello Hello

It's been a long time since I last blogged. Well, here, at least. I do have a few other blogs which I'll never reveal :P

I've been away from here because of a really irritating busybody who loveeeessss who pry. I know, ironic, right? I made this blog public, and I don't want peole to pry. Well, just a certain someone. The attention was as disturbing as hell. But I doubt he'll be poking his big fat nose into my blog anymore. I don't think ANYONE is going to drop by this blog, for that matter. Because it was dead for quite a bit. But it's ok HAHA I just like to type stuffffff.

I'd tell you more about whats happening (and I did have a lot to say), but I've since forgotten it all.
Oh my memory. Oh well there'll always be something new happening, so I'll try to blog more. Hahaha. Or I could use my old photos.

And I'm getting lazy. The only editing I do for my photos is using one of the Instagram filters! :P


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