Things I Really Want, Just Not Meant to Be

Call me a First World Brat, but I just really really really want these, and I'm the most thrifty one amongst all my friends! I've been wanting these for a very very very long time now, and I think the 11:11 wishes and blowing eyelashes off my fingertips aren't working!

Of course, I've won some things I want (some people call it need, but seriously, it's just a want), like my iPhone 4S, a watch, and some other stuff. So..... maybe I shouldn't be asking for too much! nyway, just to feel better (you know how it feels when you let all your anger out).. I'm gonna tell the world what I really really want.


First on the list....
The Samsung EX2F

Most of my friends have heard/seen me gush about it until I think they want to smack me HAHAHA but well in a nutshell...

I've had my eye on this even before it launched in Singapore. And then I kept every news/magazine clipping I had on it ( imagine stalking who you think is The One on Facebook). And then darn it. It's so damn good that... since August 30, 2012. The price hasn't even fallen by A CENT.

I even went to the stores to try it out.. Joined every contest there was with all the valiant spirit any human could possible summon... But like Romeo and Juliet... Fate did denied our love hahahaha.

And I must have read every review there is online. I should be the spokesperson for this camera, really!

And then you may think.. If i like it so much... why not just buy it? Well... It's SGD 699... so... and I am not as rich as I'd like to be (Yes the first world brat in me us surfacing again, I'm saying it forst so YOU SHUT UP).. so yeah.

OMG JUST LOOK AT THE FULL HD AND THE F1.4 AND THE SWIVELLING LCD SCREEN! The only, and ONLY ONLY ONLY gripe I have is that the mere 3x zoom, but then this is the most perfect, perfect camera I have ever come across. And Yes, a prosumer one is all I need.

Second on the list...
I actually got to know the Samsung EX2F through a NX1000 workshop And when I held this camera... and placed the screen side by side with mine.... oh gosh. Mine's so dull and grainy.. and it can NEVER be used indoors :(  I mean, okay, I've seen a few others in my life.. but they either heat up really quickly, or piss me off with their touchscreens..

The NX1000 takes brilliant photos for such an idiot proof camera.. and and and... IT COMES IN MY FAVOURITE SHADE OF PINK. And I took photos of my face with it and it looks good ha HAHAHA. The thing is... it's a mirrorless camera.. but I don't need something as advanced as that. And no swivelling screen for me to take even more photos of myself haha =X

Pretty, hor? :)

Third on the list...
Panasonic Compact Straightener.
If you haven't already realised, I have uber frizzy hair. And the humid weather in Singapore (though I wouldn't really wanna live anywhere else) does the massive frizziness no good at all.

And... sometimes I just wanna have a makeover to show them @#$%^ who I can be (to some idiots, looks are everything). And sometimes, I see peoplewiith tousled hair which looks so amazing and natural, but I knew they used either curling or straightening tongs. In case you didn't already know... you can use straigtening tongs to curl your hair.

Now, I don't know much about these tong thing.. but I fell in love with this one - it's a travel-sized so it's easy to bring around. And yes, the pink played a part hahahaha.

And lastly...

Now, this I can afford and I've bought them for other people, just not myself :(
And I always buy something for somebody else and wish I kept them for myself hahah =X
Of course I haven't done it!!

But sometimes, when I think of buying, say, a soft toy for myself, and then I'll be like "EH $15. Some poor people don't even have $15. And next time when I'm 75 and poor and lonely, I'll be thinking why the hell I spent that $15 on a stupid soft toy!"

And anyway... most of these are sold out. And I always take photos of them though I don't buy them pathetic.jpeg.
This one I bought for somebody. Wish you were mine hahaha.
Okay yeah, these are what I want. Just these. Besides world peace and a seat on the train, and everybody to be nice to everyone. And that people flush after they are done with their business. And to be pretty someday. Or to be THE ONE who saves the world in some sorta covet spy operation. Okay and maybe lots of Hello Kitty paraphenalia.

Thanks for reading, bye!

And here's what I look like after class at 10pm. Oh gosh I hate night classes.
But this is the oly way to earn more $$$$ and get to buy nice things for myself and my family :)


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