Relatives vs. nosey stalkers who read your blog

I know some people have issues with relatives on social media. I wouldn't be comfortable with having my older relatives on Facebook, but I'm actually fine with my relatives reading my blog!

To relatives reading my blog
Haha. I know some of ya have been poking around.

It's ok! I wanna say, thank you for being so nice to me when I was by far the ugliest kid I've ever seen. Actually, I've never seen any ugly kids, it's just.... a manner of speaking.

And I was the quietest and dullest kid, ever. Thank you for being nice to me and having my fat face in all your photos hahaha. 

Sometimes, the different between genuine concern, and genuine pigheader-assholeness is extremly obvious.  Which brings me to the next....

To The Bloody Nosey Parker
How many years have you been scrutinizing my every move on social media? Time passes real quick, doesn't it. Well maybe for you, but not for me. Never for me. Your nose was so HUGE it almost suffocated me, and social media felt like such a curse.

I'll applaud you for being so darn relentless though. Now that it's over (I think, I hope, but actually I'm past caring), I feel like part of my soul is missing. Lolololol #goodriddance

Not that I've got anything to hide. It's just that, you know, I am not worthy of such undying affection. HAHAHA. It's like some stalker flick (which a title has yet to come to mind), only uglier, and much more annoying. 

And if I were to write a stalker flick based on my own story, itt would be a stalker + gore flick. The stalker (not that you're a stalker, you're just a nosey parker, but stalker sounds more dramatic) would be..... Heh heh heh. Go watch Hostel. Or maybe Saw.

Oh, HI! I KNEW you wouldn't be able to resist reading this (even though you may announce very majestically  to anyone who would entertain you that you don't give a sh*t anymore). :D

I think you suck and you are the grossest, most petty, prone to overreaction, egoistical, chauvinistic person I have ever met!

And I am the most immature girl in the world. Oh well, we all have our flaws. Hahaha have fun reading this and foaming at the mouth! You foam at the mouth at almost everything so I can imagine already :D

Anyway, I've always wondered, why do there seemto be so many knots in your knickers all the time? Isn't it uncomfortable? Life is short. Take it easy, or yours will be even shorter. #Imfeelingnice

And really, you should enter some contest or something. I've never seen a man who's got PMS symptoms. You'd be rich. 

(I don't think I'll be blogging until the 2nd week of March! Between asssignments and housemoving... I am... very outta breath here's wishing everyone a good month ahead, and remember, take it easy because life is short!)

And noticed I mentioned no names. So if you think I'm talking about you then you are admitting to being a Class A**** creepy a-hole. Take care!


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