Random Ramblings + Photos from the past

So what happened this morning was really stupid. I thought I had an assignment to hand in this morning, and I tried to complete it FRANTICALLY. And when I was done and about to submit it online.... I realised that it was actually due TOMORROW.

Oh well. At least I had time to spruce it up a little. I mean, I've been looking at it for an entire day, and I don't see where and how I can improve it on.  Hitting 'SUBMIT' was a good move, or I'd just be wasting my time staring at the screen and doing nothing.

I hope I get an okay grade. I need at least a B, or to veer on the safe side, a B+ this semester.

Oh and I was packing the stuff in my room into boxes, and came across some old photos. Very amusing. Too bad for you, I've only got two, because all the rest have been packed into boxes :D

You know, in the early 2000s, Neoprints machines were VERY in vogue? Very expensive for 14-year-olds as well, but well... You could add sparkles and designs and it was so very fun. The kids these days have it better. They can now enlarge their eyes, cover their blemishes, and change their hair colour now!

I managed to find photos with similar poses. And it's not like I'm pretty now, but when I look at photos when I was in my very early teens.... mai hiam la hor. Hahahahah. At least I don't cry myself to sleep for being ugly anymore!

I used to be very sad about my looks and thought I couldn't be saved. And I want to thank all the girls in my class for being willing to take Very Expensive Neoprints with me hahaha.

And just in case I'm this old fogey from another era and you're this young, happening young punk :P, THESE  are Neoprints.

Okay buh bye I am going to wallow in misery because I thought I won a camera but turns out that I didn't. They said I won a mystery prize. But whatever. Lady Luck, Fate, or somebody. Outcasting me this year, huh. It's ok HAHA I will work hard to show you that you're missing out on something awesomeeeee. I mean, who doesn't wanna hang out with me :D

I wonder what the mystery prize is. The collection venue is really, really far.


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