How I spend every Valentines' Day

So. Finally. Here you finally have it. The big revelation. I'm gonna you how I spend every 14th Feb. Since it's a great big National Global secret and all. I cannot NOT share a juicy secret with, you, can I?

Every year without fail, I hit the streets, and look for a random guy and engage in some wild, animalistic sex in some random motel to fill in the empty void in my life. And I'd love to delve into deeper details, but this is social media, and I'll need a decent job for the next 40 years.

But Dear Nosey Parker. I hope I wasted 10 seconds of your pathetic life reading the first 2 paragraphs. Because they're FAKE. HAPPY? MIND BLOWING ENOUGH? IS THAT THE ANSWER YOU WERE LOOKING FOR?

And I really wouldn't have made a joke (well I don't know the exact word since there isn't even the slightest bit of humour in this), but... I just needed some impact. And I also needed visualising you with your neck lengthening in a way that would make a giraffee green with envy, and Eyes widening and almost popping out of your eye sockets as you finally get to know something very very very very very important. Even more important than, say, secrets that only people with TOP CLEARANCE in the FBI and CIA know.

So, screw you, Nosey Parker who loves probing about my life pertaining to love and politics. I really think you're convinced that your life depends on this knowledge. But it's really too bad, coz I ain't telling. And seriously, don't be silly. Nothing tragic is going to happent to you even if you don't know. That, I can guarantee with my life.

Sometimes, for certain things, you need to mind your own business. It's a form of respect, as simple as that. I understand the excitement of being a busybody (I'm a busybody too, hahaha), but sometimes there are limits that ought to be respected.

For example, you don't go around asking your acquaintance how much he/she earns. Or how much money he/she has in the bank account. It's the same principle. Especially if you are not a friend or family member, it gets really intrusive, not to mention irritating. Asking once, asking twice, is ok. Maybe some people are less perceptive. But not all the time, after somebody has shown reluctance to talk about it.

It's called EQ. Look it up.


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