Chocolate Indulgence

So you know, I've been wanting to get a new camera. A prosumer one, which is an upgrade from my current VERY BUDGET compact. Not professional one. Which I'd love, but have no use for.

And practice makes perfect, so I've been (over) zealously taking photos. Of the same things. Which I shall proceed to bore you with. HAHA.


Should have put the cake at the centre.
I want to cry looking at the atrocity of this, but ahhhh the chocolate <3 font="">

Ok thanks for scrolling. Maybe one day I'll be able to take nice photos someday. And I don't mean going pro, if Nosey Parker is reading this. Hahaha. I used my phone for this btw.

And as I'm looking at the photos. I realised a MAJOR mistake. And realising mistakes are good because I get to learn from them! Imagine, no mistakes = no improvement!

That's me looking on the bright side because my life is going to be better from this week onwards!


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