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Hello! It's me (and my wordy blogpost) again!

I was just fantasising about Something That Is Never Gonna Happen. Of course, I don't expect you to give one percent of a hoot, so I shan't bore you. You're welcome. :)

Don't really have a reason for blogging, but I feel very happy today. I don't know how long it's going to last so I should really pen my thoughts now :D

I'm feel so happy today, and if it lasts till tomorrow, I feel like I'll be greeting everyone in the life tomorrow with ultra-enthusiastic HI's. People will be wondering what came over me because I'm positioning myself as The Stoic One. HAHA. That is the best defence mechanism I can think of now lol.

While Fantasising About The Impossible, I also made myself list down some realistic things to hope for (BTW, "Hope For" and "Work On" are different. My "work on" list... still workin' on it. Haha.)

Come 2014, I really hope to meet people who like me f…

Merry (Belated) Christmas!

And here's a photo of me trying to make a fashion statement with comfy hotel slippers. I had so much fun on Christmas Eve! Well, in our opinion, it was fun. Anything is fun with good company. Except clubbing lol lol because I am boring like that. Haha. Eating, gossiping, and (that goes without saying) taking photos! 
I have a feeling, somewhere down the road, people are going to ridicule my friends and I for the hundred and one photos (and selfies). But hey, photos are like time capsules, and there's nothing wrong with retaining memories! :D 
Imagine looking at this photo at the ripe old age of 80:

I mean, look at photos like this. That two Bimbos behind. TSK HAHAHA. And btw I just got feedback that makeup or not, I look the same. Which is why I'm contemplating going sans makeup and getting 25 more minutes of sleep everyday! :D

And this. I laughed for an entire minute when I received it. 

Of course, mascots are not spared from Selfie Season.

Here's the view from one of…

Do you have quirks when it comes to food?

I do. And I never thought much of them until recently when I started going for lunch with new people! And it's embarrassing.

I like to order:
Prawn Mee without prawns (UNCLE/AUNTIE!HAY MEE MAI HAY!!)
Cockles Fried Kway Teow without cockles
Chendol without Red Beans

There are other weirder ones, but I can't (and won't, hahaha) think about them right now.
But then again, it's not like I'm ordering something like, Peanut Butter without peanuts. Actually, that DOES sound quite alright. HEH.

Sometimes, other customers in the queue will burst out in (polite) laughter and repeat my order HAHA.

Okay that's all bye!

You know what I wish for?

I love holidays and staycations, but packing and lugging my stuff around? Not so much. I know, I know. Greedy much? Haha :P

My friends and I managed to get a room at a posh hotel this Christmas Eve! Ever the kiasu one, imagine my yaya-papayaness when I managed to pack everyone into a small-ish gym bag! It's just for a night but man, I wish I could pack my entire home into my bag like Mary Poppins or Hermoine and bring it along with me!

And can somebody please stop me from worrying so much? I keep thinking of worst-case scenarios. It is no fun being a worrywart but I can't help it GAHHHHHHH. You want to know what I'm worried about now? I'm worried that I can't figure out which belt looks best on me by tomorrow. A little part of me also worries that I'll get some foot wart from the previous occupant. HAHA. I know. You will have a very.... interesting life if you're my friend. I think I have the best imagination in the world. Some…

OMG I am so boring hahaha

No photos and no particular theme whatsoever so my posts hahaha but it's not offensive in anyway, and I'M THE ONE READING IT so....

No photos too but that might change because YAY I've finally straightened my hair! At a promotional rate, and there is almost nothing better than saving some $$$, so... DOUBLE YAY!!

I was out shopping with a friend on Friday, and we were both surprised at how decisive I was. I guess is really different when you ask yourself questions like "Do I like this?" as opposed to "What would XXX say about this? What would XXX think about this?" So that chapter has closed. Shopping is not a excruciatingly stressful activity anymore. TRIPLE YAY!

Oh, last week I was on a boat. And you can see my hair too.

In case the view is distracting (which I totally understand - I mean, who I am to compete with THIS?)

Here's a plain, plain, shot of my face.

And... I won a digital camera!! It is so phenomenally pretty!! Hello Kitty + Pink = …

A new chapter of my life starts tomorrow


It's the first day of my new job tomorrow, and I feel so... I don't even know how I feel. I hope I'm not alone, and having The First Day Jitters is the norm. Like, what if people hate me at first sight? It's not like I look sweet, cute, or approachable and I definitely don't have a smile that would make people instantly go OOOOOOH SHE'S A GOOD PERSON. What if nobody talks to me, or if people talk to me and I make a bad first impression, so bad that nobody talks to me again, ever?

How long will I take to settle in? What if I'm not as good as they thought/I hope to be? I know I'll take some time to settle in and I probably won't be like, The Employee of the Week on my first day, or even month, but I am dreading the transition period so.

This isn't even my first job, but I haven't had a First Job in 4 years. I've had two other holiday jobs in offices, so I don't suppose they count.

Today, I bought a Hunger Games Trilogy (and …

Drastic Haircuts, Never Again.

I've never realised how many mirrors an average shopper comes across every hour until yesterday when I was out shopping with a friend and came across like, a trillion mirrors. Oh boy. My hair. And it's not like I can rebond it now because it's at that annoying stage where it'll curl at the collarbone.

And just to set the record straight - if you're a new reader, the recent blog entries don't really reflect what I'm like usually.

Like, yesterday I was Christmas shopping and for some reason I didn't buy what I intended to and headed to another shopping destination. And then I was in that state of mind where I just HAD TO GET IT because NOTHING MUST GO WRONG, so I rushed back before closing.

And when I saw that they weren't on the shelves anymore, I almost lost it. Which thinking back, is pretty amusing. My friend didn't think so, she was shocked.

The most frustrating thing is that when I'm feeling lousy (and I don't remember EVER feeli…

What Makes Me Happy

Well so it's been pretty obvious that I haven't been in the best of moods recently. And you know what always makes me feel better? "Thank you + smile". I am very desperate for smiles from strangers, I know hahaha.

Today, I was at IKEA and the doormat that I am, one of my favourite parts of going to IKEA is opening doors for people who carry lotsssss of stuff.

So I was just about to enter the building,  and that couple could have (albeit not so easily) managed by themselves but I was like ' I HAVE TO GET A SMILE AND THANK YOU TODAY!!!"

And I did. It was so easy!! :D
Ooh, it happened (unintentionally) again when I left the building. DOUBLE JOY HOHO.

Anyway, here're some random shots of my life.

Popsicle for you? And what's best about this is that I can make whatever flavour I fancy - from fruit juice to Ribena to Milo, and if you like, plain water.

I won a contest! I've always loved Kiehl's products but they've always been out of my wa…

Hello again!


Here I am , writing another loooong loooooong essay. I don't know what's wrong with me these days. I feel like I am a failure at everything! And I loathe uncertainties. Oh, I hate waiting too. Still smarting over missing my exam and having to wait another 6 months (and if it fail that, it'll be an additional year). Then maybe I should just cease existing.

I think a lot of it is my fault also lah. I've always been so driven and disciplined, but I let myself relax that LITTLE bit, and this is what happens. I will never slack off again, even a little. Met up with J, the only person in a (somewhat) same situation as me and able to keep a level head, and I realised that maybe all these... all these happen for a reason.

I've always thought this 'everything happens for a reason' = stupid excuse for stupid people. But sometimes, things really happen for a reason. Like how I applied for a degree in Counselling and was rejected, and then offered this course that…

You Will Not Read This Post

Super wordy posts these days, but nobody reads this rubbish anyway so I'll just type like, anyhow. And not watch my grammar, tenses, whatever. I have a post about yet another adversity in my drafts, but not sure if I'm going to publish it. If you've been reading my blog you'd have realised that I've had quite a few (uncharacteristic) crying jags and a lot, a lot of feeling lost and hopeless.

I am really not a pessimistic person, but it seems like everything is going downhill this month. I don't know why everything is happening all at once, and I don't know if it'll persist, and if it does, I don't know how if I'll lose my mind or something. I push myself so, so much but it seems like I'll never be where I want to be. And then I continue pushing and yeah, here's where I am now - on the verge of giving up trying, because, hey, there're only so many blows one can take within a month.

I hope to be brilliant or special someday, but at t…

I am going to cry

This Monday, I was suddenly plagued with something I've never experienced. Woke up with fever. And then I felt so horrible, even sleeping was a problem. And then I puked and oh my goodness I had no idea I could pack so much inside me. I swear, it was like Niagara Falls or something.

Tuesday? Well I guess I must have been alive on Tuesday, since I'm here typing. But I have no recollection Tuesday AT ALL.

Finally dragged myself to the doctor's today (Wednesday). I have no idea how I managed to walk there, but I did consider begging cyclists on the road to give me a lift to the clinic :X

Turned out to be stomach flu, and I've never had stomach flu. To make things worse, it later turned into gastritis pfffft. How could it not? I haven't been able to eat anything since Monday. I don't even know what I answered when my parents spoke to me because it was like my soul ran away or something.

I ended up not turning up for exams today. I could hardly get out…

Kids nowadays

Today, I saw a toddler operate a Kindle with so much swag, I almost melted in embarrassment. I have never once touched a Kindle, and it's been only a year since my first smartphone (which I won in a creative writing contest, yay!) 
And then I was looking at the mirror and mourning over my (former) long hair. But really, that's a mistake I HAD to make. It would be a mistake not to make that mistake because if I don't snip most of my hair off, I'll always be like "what if I did?" I lost you right there, didn't I? And that's already the summarised version. 
Oh and how do hair and lucky 21st Century kids relate? I was looking at my hair and I remembered how my friends, after graduating at 12 years old, my friends and I went through a "mass rebellion" by growing out out hair. We thought it was the coolest thing in the world. Actually, I still do. Hahaha.
If there's one school rule I'll never understand, it'll be the "long hair is pr…

I can't do this anymore

Test after test, trial after trial. 
Trials make you stronger. But when they come at you non-stop, it's so tiring. Not even a breather. If it was something I could control with my own effort and determination, I'll fight until I win. 
But who can fight against nature? 
I kinda know why villains with in superhero flicks move to the dark side now. 
But it's ok. Maybe I'm just atoning for my sins in my past life as an evil, evil person. And SHUT UP BECAUSE IF YOU KNEW THIS SECRET OF MINE YOU'LL BE SORRY YOU EVER ACCUSED ME OF WHINING.
I should work on stopping the cycle now but I am so, so tired, and all I want to do is just.... Forget that I exist.

I AM A PEOPLE PERSON!! (And Drastic Haircut!)

Who would have thought it. HAHA.
But meeting more people has made me realise that people see me as a "people person".
I didn't realise it until somebody mentioned it outright. Then I gave a humble smile HAHAHA.

About time. I'm the late bloomer for everything but you know what? Better now than never! :D
I don't wanna complain too much about being a Late Bloomer because what if I become a Never Bloomer, right? If you get what I mean.

Anyway you know what? I was feeling really lousy last month so I  got my hairdresser Dylan to snip 4 inches of hair. He was a bit reluctant coz I've always been all "CUT A BIT ONLY PLEASEEEEE. Coz very heavy. RMB DON'T TOO SHORT AH!!! "

But I was so adamant, he had no choice and OMG MY HEAD HAS NEVER FELT SO.. LIGHT. If you've been reading my blog, you'll remember that I have 5 times as much hair as others. On the head I mean. I have no leg hair, and I don't know why.


My Ridiculous Secret Diet Blog

Not so secret anymore. And of course I didn't go through with it! As miserable as I was, I thank my lucky stars that I wasn't so far gone.

Sometimes I feel like I wasted a huge period of my life away. Other times, I feel like everything happens for a reason, and there must be, as unfathomable and seemingly stupid, a reason that I had to go through this.

And you know how completely bonkers I get when I see spelling/grammatical errors? It's ERRORS GALORE here! I feel like getting a red marker and making crosses and circles on my screen hahahhaha.

So.... Kids. Learn from me. Dieting makes your brain cloud up. You don't want that!

I don't know what I was thinking. Feeling INVINCIBLE because I didn't eat? Lucky this diet thing only lasted for a bit (I am greedy like that, bwahahaha).

The thing about diets is that without professional guidance, they often backfire. And I can't say it enough, but all these sad rubbish about girls and self-image issues...…


I was leaving my house yesterday and (YAY!!) one of the kids and his dad came home. I didn't even see them because I had my back facing them and suddenly I heard an enthusiastic HELLO!!!!

Then the little boy kept waving at me. :)

Even as I walked to he staircase! He only went inside when I left the floor.

Later that evening, I came home and heard THREE squeaky voices screaming HELLOOOOO!!
And one of them walked  ran/toddled quickly to my door and held the railings and peered inside :):):)


And the older boy must have read a new book or watched a new television programme because he was like, "Bye guys!!!!" And then he thought for a bit, and said 'Bye Ladies!" (my sister was there too - she ran to the door when she heard their voices).

Such friendly kids omg so cuteeeeeeeeee.

Everybody loves babies, that's for sure. I just came home from the library, and just as I was leaving, there was a tiny little toddler talking…

I wonder why people like me

Lil ol' me.
Boring. Kinda plain-looking.
And not very funny (except when I'm angry - and I don't even do that on purpose so that doesn't count)

You know, I seldom initiate meet-ups because I think who'd wanna spend time with me? I scared they paiseh to reject and then I don't want to corner them into doing something they don't want HAHAHA I'm such a thoughtful person.

Just now, my friend texted to ask why I've been MIA recently and then I was like *astonished expression* because WOW people actually NOTICE? So when she said "meet up soon! When you free?", I was secretly very surprised and happy but I suggested Friday very casually. HAHAHA. Because you know, Friday = after work = just dinner = a few hours. Less torture for them.

And I really don't know why she suggested Friday in the first place, but then she said "Saturday lah! Saturday better to camwhore leh coz makeup and dress nicer!!!" And then my jaw dropped coz I didn…

Happy Birthday to meeee

Another year of being average yay! I should get an award for being the most ordinary person in the world!!!

And you know what? I was slaving over my Film Art assignment (yes I have a happening life). Had to Google something and then I saw search engine in cake form.

So I was like "wow what a coincidence, today's some special cake day? Did the Birthday Cake get invented on the 13th October or what?"  So I hovered over the page and then it said "Happy Birthday Shu!" What a pleasant surprise! :D:D Like I said, I've got no life. HAHAHAHA.

ANDDDDD if I may.....

I wonder how I'd react if Ellen DeGeneres wished me a happy birthday HAHA. I think I'll be the 20+ version of Sophia Grace.

And here is a pic of how I look like when I'm slaving over assignments. Like a brat HAHAHA. Tomorrow... I'll be going to the print centre to see the entire newspaper printing process! So exciting (for me, at least), can't wait!!  :D

And just for kicks, here's a…


Beetles, that is.

So here I am midnight, watching 'Psycho', armed with my own choice of weapons - fly swatter and Baygon Spray. If you didn't already know, Psycho is a horror/suspense film by Alfred Hitchcock. Which make me feel all the more murderous. 

Those darn beetles REALLY don't have any sense of boundaries! And I swear, those little things have VERY SHARP minds of their own. They only show up when I'm alone. And I kid you not, they CHARGE at me. Just me :( And I'm certain they aren't blind. Because as soon as my dad arrives, they go and hide. And my dad will be like 'WHAT INSECT???? There's nothing! Don't tell me you made me miss the most exciting part of NCIS for this!!!"

Sometimes when I'm feeling brave and am all "COME AT ME, BITCH!!!", they refuse to come out too (cowards! bullies!). And when I finally forget about them...




Giving me the shock of my life, and I always have to reme…

If Violence Wasn't Illegal

Poor Little Animals :(
I just watched a video (it was 20 minutes long but who the hell can sit through the full video?) of 3 girls kicking and stepping on a puppy and it was yapping away pitifully. I've read the news about girls using stilettos to step on rabbits - but they were either paid or forced to. No demand, no supply. So I would like the money-grubbers and psychopaths to vacate themselves from Earth.

Poor Little Kids :(
Have you seen children begging on the streets in the less developed parts of the world? Do you really believe there are so many blind or limbless orphans in the world? No, obviously they were stolen and blinded/maimed.

Forced Prostitution
Again, no demand, no supply. Some men who visit prostitutes who are OBVIOUSLY being coerced. Seriously, how the FUCK are you able to enjoy yourself knowing that this woman who was possibly snatched from her family is never going home, and is likely to die from abuse, diseases, or drug overdose?


When girls say "A lot of guys are after me"

So... know any girls like this? I'm guessing probably you do, because this post got more likes on Instagram than usual. Have you realised, really popular girls never say something like this? If you're hot, you're hot. Everybody knows without you making grand announcements. And this tweet isn't insulting the nice girls so if you don't get the joke then please go away.
I think it's so funny coz an image of BitchFace and her uber thick makeup immediately popped into my mind!

  I remember how she loved to relate very detailed accounts about men ("even ang mohs you know") trying to pick her up. And she has to fend a whole army of them off like Gerard
Butler in 300 because she's married (sooo sooo draining you know haiyo!!). She even "complained" about men who continued their advances even after knowing that she's married hahaha hmmm......
*Pssst I think she is secretly pleased whaddaya think*
And every single time, I refused to say stuff I'…

One Good Turn Deserves Another

I know that isn't true in real life, but I just like to dream.
I've got this habit of picking up plastic or pieces of paper on the street because I'm afraid that if I don't, somebody will slip and fall. Sometimes when I do that, people will tell me "Why did you do that? It's not like anybody else will do the same. Nobody cares."

But you know, when I think back to the times I've done little things like that and I'm thinking.... I could have saved a life haahaha!  Like... what if I didn't pick up that plastic bag and a cute little old lady stepped on it, fell backwards, and hit her head? :(

But my friends/family are right. NOBODY IS AS STUPID AS ME. Because 90% of the world are so freaking self-centred. They won't do sh*t to help others, but when sh*t happens to them they complain till the cows, pigs, giraffes, and polar bears come home.

But you know what? I still choose to be stupid because 10% of decent humans still give me hope and I …

How to say Goodbye to Bullies

Bullies. Ah. I've never gotten as far as being bullied, but intimidated and put down, yes,

But you know what?

Nowadays I'm caring less and less and less.

And you know why?


Look at the people who always seem to have it in for everyone. The bullies, the people who try to make you feel back about yourself, intimidate you, put you down...



I've met a few. I. a.k.a pushover, always let them get the better of me, but now that I sit down and think about it... I think they deserve my pity instead. Yes, pity, not sympathy.

 Look closer, and you'll realise that there is a certain aspect(s) of their lives that suck(s) more than regular people. Bad marriages, relationships, self-esteem, self-image, many things.

And if you let them win, you are stupid like I was.

But you know what you can do? I'm not going to say something adults love to say "OH JUST IGNORE THEM!". Obvio…

Lucky oh I'm so Lucky

So you know for the first time in 4 years I've been 'free-er' than usual. This Saturday there was a free giveaway for some branded clutch for the first 800 readers of a female magazine and GUESS WHO WENT?!?!?!

I haven't had the time to take a good pic yet but here's a quick shot (it really looks a lot better in real life)

Me, duh. And it's such a pretty clutch! Genuine leather, too, smells absolutely divine (though I am really very sorry if any animals were hurt, ok). And I only had to queue for less than 30 minutes because it was a working day. Anyway, I was far from bored because the women/girls around me were very chatty. It's funny how easily people can make friends when they common topics haha.

And I said I was lucky becauseeeeeeeeeee. Okay you see, there were 4 colours and I really really liked the fuchsia one. But the clutches were given out randomly so I only had a 25% chance of getting one so I was like... awwwwww not so lucky one lah.


Stupid Things I do.

I was clearing stuff from all my SD Cards when I came across some photos. Last time I super bu yao lian hor hahaha. So many selfies and 80% of the time were from awkward angles. And then I couldn't bear to look at them, so I just put the cards aside and bought new ones for new photos. At some point, I decided this should end or I'd end up with like, 50 SD cards, and an empty bank account. Thus the decision to grit my teeth and browse/sort out/delete photos. Turns out that it wasn't as bad as I thought.....And this lot is so funny so I thought I'd share hahahahaha. GOSH what was I trying to do? I don't quite remember what came over me, was I trying to be like, cool or versatile or something? Because I usually prefer the act-cute-until-buyaolian pics. Btw these photos were taken in early 2011, one of the most... trying points of my life so I think I can be excused.

This is me giving a look of distaste haha. It is actually how I look  every time I see Bitchface comp…

When Humans Like to See Other Humans Fall

Today, I got home to see this girl called Ah Ting trend on Twitter. And since that was totally untypical, my curiosity was piqued and WOW PEOPLE ARE SO HORRIBLY BRUTAL NOWADAYS.

Is that a sick new form of entertainment or what?

So this 13 year old girl sent some you-know-what photos of herself to her boyfriend, and you-know-the-drill, the little twat sent it out. But what follows is just... sad. And really. Make cyber-bullying a crime already!!!

Sometimes that makes me wish that social media never existed (coming from me the Instagram Addict).  I see GIRLS circulating the photos, and poking fun at the victim. Seriously. I kid you not, those little girls are actually having fun seeing another girl fall. And when asked to remove their tweets by the non-sadistic humans, you will not believe their smart-ass answers. They should be ASHAMED of themselves. Let's just say if any kid of mine were to speak like that, she is going to TAKE IT ALL BACK and never utter such bullcrap again.