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Safra PK Challenge 2012- It's your time to shine

Do you love to sing? Or want a shot at stardom?

Here's a chance to have your very own Original Single, produced by professionals and get it played on National Radio and screened all around Singapore! The PK Challenge is back! With more than 500 participants coming togethe to pit their singing skills against each other in 2009, and 2011, you can be sure it's not just cheesy karaoke competition! People all serious one, okayyy. :D
If you win.. you'll be heard over NATIONAL RADIO and OOH Media Screens!
FYI, OOH means Out Of Home, means... SUPERRRR PUBLIC PLACES wooowhooo!!
A $500cash prize and gift hamper worth $1000+ could be yours! And of course, a Trophy for you to place somewhere so you can relive your moment of glory, every single day! Bet of all, registration is FREE!! So.. if you're 18 and above.. keep these dates in mind!  Ok here's a short video if you're lazy to read, ahaha

Contest Details
Online Audition : 1 Aug to 3 Sept
Qualifying Rounds: 8 Sept 2012 (City …

Car Racing. Indoors. Without Engines. Yes, it's possible!

This weekend, expect one of the most unusual races you'll ever come across. I mean, you've heard of F1, bike racing, etc, but I daresay an INDOOR gravity-powered race is virtually unheard of.  Cars, painstakingly built from scratch (chassis, with no engine, of course) and then decorated by participants will be pushed from an 8m high ramp. Of course, not everyone can be fearless speed demons, so if you're not a racer, don't worry, you're not forgotten! Like the looks of these? Mini Sasuke challenge, Giant inflatables, Trampoline bungee, Mini soap box race Racing simulator
Read more here: MediaCorp's FIRST ever Soapbox Derby event

Race Me - A MediaCorp Soapbox Derby Event
1st Sept - 2nd Sept 2012
11am to 8pm Singapore Expo Hall 6 If you're not convinced yet,  these pretty Race Me Ambassodors will catch your attention ;)
If had 10% of this prettiness I'd be very very very happy.
By the way, for the lazy asses, an undecorated chassis looks like this: Well.. it…

The Day I Fell In Love for Real

I attended a photography workshop today... and fell in love. The most beautiful camera, ever. And it could have been mine but I ws to timid to fight for it, haha. So much for falling in love with it. Just LOOK at that shade of pink!! And the functions, grip, buttons, screen, EVERYTHING.  Just the way I like them!

Learnt a lot, hopefully I'll remember everything, and this puts something new on my plate :P

And... the shutter speeds so fast, unlike my rickety old one which is no good at all for my shaky hands. Uber non-grainy as well, unlike my budget one where I can play Count The Dots when I'm bored lolololol.

It's a bummer that I didn't win this! Would be nice to have a semi-pro camera for this blog and my interests.. and videography (it's FULL HD!!).. and also... you're gonna roll your eyes but.... I'd like to have something nice that Little Miss Perfect doesn't just for a change!

I KNEW that this was up for winning, but then... I just won an iPhone 4s (L…

I LOVE MY NEW NOSE!!! (And very cute pics hahaha)

Hi!! I love my new nose!! It's so much smaller and sharper, don't you think? OMGOMGOMG I LOVE IT SO MUCH I COULD CRY!!!!! Oh HELLO you TROLL. That caught your attention, didn't it! Shut up with the 'you look so different' already. My nose looks smaller because of makeup (and I also caught the right angle)! Though I wouldn't mind going for cosmetic surgery hahahaha. And if I did I'd be really proud of it and show it off!!

If you've got got nose like mine, you'll be super depressed for at least one minute everyday! Anyway, surgery or not, Photoshop or not, it's nobody's business but the person herself/himself. RANDOM STUFF I don't know about you, but I tend not to buy food sold at clearance sales.

And these are so adorable I wanna eat them up!! Of course I didn't buy them $17 and $13 respectively, rather cheap for original Sanrio merchandise, but too expensive for me. I'm so thrifty, I will be a very good wife!!! :D:D Oh and I need to …

6 years, we're still not tired of doing this

Uploading this photo first just because it's my fave and I want it to appear as this post's thumbnail. Haha.
Met up with dear Dia and Ning some time ago!! It;s been 6 years, and we still take hundreds of photos when we go out together. Hahaha. Stupid pose also nvm. 多难看的都看过了。

 We went to eat and hahaha my solo pic was horrible!  Testing the camera. haha.

We found this superrrr deserted area and did SOME MORE camwhoring!
Maybe not so deserted! In this pic I was running back to my friends because a large group of army dudes were walking in my direction.  Should have smiled widely and posed a bit more!
Then we suddenly had the idea of...... posing and focusing on our shoulders. HAHAHA. MANY failed shots but I shall torture you with these few for now.

 Take 987654321. There are really hilarious ones but I don't know if Dia and Ning are gonna be ok with you all looking!
Ok I'll stop posting those!! But seriously, there's something about just a litttttleeee big of shoulder baring…

Photo of the Week - Flying into the Sunset

Pretty sunset outside my house. So pretty even my cheapo camera can do it justice. Hahaha. I don't know why people only notyice beautiful sunsets when they're overseas, and take like a trillion photos. Sunsets here seem just fine. Perhaps even nicer!!
Though it's not like I have the patience to sit on the beach and stare at the sunrise/sunset.

More photos of past weeks here:

Stand to win $1000 at Race Me - MediaCorp Soap Box Derby Event!

Are you are thrill seeker? Have a need for speed? Creative? Always wanted to pimp your ride but got no $$$$? Perhaps, all these, and NO DRIVING LICENCE? (Not that I have la, hahaha) Imagine speeding in Singapore, in an adrenaline-pumped frenzy to win $1000.. wind blowing in your face... looking oh-so-
cool... AND BEST OF ALL You won't kena summon!! And I know Summon Auntie is for parking tickets, but you get the point ! :)

   Race Me, proudly organised by MediaCorp, is Singapore's largest soap box derby event to date. Besides the soap box race there will be other fringe activities like mini Sasuke challenge, giant inflatables, trampoline bungee, mini soap box race, racing simulator and $1,000 to be won by the winning teams of each category!

Box Derby statred in America in the 30s, very popular with the youths then. The cars rely on gravity to move coz they've got no engines. Expect an 8m high ramp just for this purpose!
8M means about... 3 stories I guess! 说高不高说低不低. 

And of cou…

Photo of the Week - Hot weather and ice-cold treats

Nothing like an ice-cold treat to make your otherwide unbearable day a lovely one. Now, this is happiness. For now. Then I need so find something else that makes me happy. Like... I don't know. many random things make me happy, and I'll fill this in when I think of them!

The day my $10 almost floated away together with Karma the Bitch

Today, I was heading out for lunch when I saw a belt wriggling in the water, looking very much like a snake. I whipped out my phone to take a pic because I thought it was hilariously silly that someone actually managed to drop her belt in the water. Little did I know that What Goes Around really does Come Around, because just then, my $10 note slipped out and  fluttered, landing lightly, slowly, but surely, into the depths of doom water. FML.

A bit long for an FML (check out story, but still worth your time, hahaha :P Everything happened in slowwwwwww moooooooootion. Fortunately, I managed to reach into the water to rescue my $10 in the nick of time! :D The $10 was the plastic-ky kind. Heng arrrrrr. If it's the $50 paper one I confirm heart pain. Heart pain + Tak Glam because I had to lean over the ledge in my skirt.
10 hours later, I'm still in shock. Because... I managed to (magically) squeeze through this teeny weeny gap to retrieve my 血汗钱!!! AND before the curr…

Photo of the Week - Flowers and Dreams

And FYI, this flower only blooms at certain times of the day.
And I'd really, really like to have a new camera. Those I can camwhore shamelessly with. Hahaha.
These days, I have so many dreams, enough time, and yet so little willpower. But then again, this blog's growing, and everyday when I get home, I get so very excited to check my email. Small steps, yeah, but at least I don't feel so invisible anymore. I asked for this, I got it, and I need to prove I'm worth it! :)

And my to-do list....... Well maybe next time!

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