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Meetup with April - Everything with Fries

Hi everyone! Haven't really been blogging because, well, I get bored rather fast =X
I know I really shouldn't though. Well but here's a friend I'll never get bored of! I saw her on the first day of school and she had such nice hair, my first thought was 'this girl's so pretty, she much be one of The Bitchy Ones!'.And it turns out she saw me too. Smiled at me and I looked away. So her first thought about me was 'The Unfriendly One. Hahaha.

But 6 years on, we talk NON-STOP about nothing at all. Which amazes me sometimes because our lives are so different and well... kind of boring, I must admit!

We've been on a food (and of course, dessert) rampage recently.... and here's one of our dessert sessions!  Look at our fooddddddd. Forget my diet, forget the superficial people in my life. I deserve to indulge once in a while!


Photo of the Week - Who says Singapore's beaches aren't beautiful?

I've heard more than a few people say "aiyah Singapore beach all cannot make it one lah!" Perhaps, they just weren't looking. Because I saw this.

Sometimes, you need to look at things from different perspectives.
Or rather, you need to LOOK at things, even when others write it off as plan/ugly/average. If I showed you this photo without telling you where it was taken, you wouldn't have said East Coast Park, would you? Typical humans. (hahaha as if I'm not human)
Just random. One day, I'd like to save the world. Or stop a hostage situation single-handedly.

Not-so-typical morning madness.

Rather exciting, actually. You know how you usually feel when you're rushing for time?

Today, I was on the verge of being late. So I ran, no SPRINTED after the bus. In a way that would make a track athelete proud. Olympian, even. Bus driver happened to be really nice, and waited for me. The polite person I was raised to be, I said thank you with an oh-so-grateful smile. Walked down the bus with a bouce in my step, feeling rather smug. Because I. Love. Challenges. :)

Little did I know..... well actually I did KNOW after a few seconds.. TO MY UTMOST HORROR.... I BOARDED THE WRONG BUS.
Yeah time to wipe the smug smile off with antibacterial wipes and toss them into the incinerator or something. Oh all the buses to take, I take THIS? Ok let's put it this way. If I were to shut my eyes and get onto ANY bus that comes, there is only a 10% chance that I'd get on the wrong bus. Lucky, lucky me.

I need to walk to the train station. Oh gosh the sun is beating down …

Photo of the Week - Pushovers

Wrote this more than a year ago in a private diary, and thought it'd be a good time to share this here.  I've come a long way, and I'm glad to say that I've shaken the hate and stigma off.  A few years spent in Camp Bully The Pushover has made me a stronger person, ready to face new challenges that await me. I'm sure this experience would be useful in my future endeavours, because everything happens for a reason. Even if the process sucks, it's worth it in the end!

The next time someone tries to mess with me, this pic tells all. Ironman, if you read on, is an Anything But. Which is where I'm trying to veer towards. I was a Forced Pushover, btw. :)

Here's the post, I left it as it is. I've been thinking about the wimp of a pushover I once was.Ok I still am, but not overly. What an idiot, but nevermind, that's over now. Then I look at other pushovers. What defines pushovers, you may ask? I don't care about the official definition. I think push…

Cameras I'm Eyeing

For the Sony one, at least. Which is this you see right now. The Sony NEX-F3. Saw this on the news a couple months ago (price was still TBA then), and fell in lurveeeee.
Semi-pro, and a 180 degree flipscreen. Interchangable lenses so that you can take photos of other stuff. AND, AND, AND, videos are in FULL HD!

My super, super dream camera. I'd call it my ULTIMATE dream camera if it's got the remote control function. Unfortunately, I just dropped by the store, and it costs about a thousand dollars so.... yeah. No go.  Writing about my omg-omg-i-know-i'll-never-get-to-own-this here makes me feel better though! :D

So I thought.. okay I'll stick to a more budget-y camera. This. Which I did almost buy a few years ago but ended up buying another one I ended up disliking *pulls hair*.  I have a good feeling about this one. Heh.
And then.... I was out shopping last week and came across this!

AND AND AND... IT COMES IN MY FAVORITE COLOUR!! Super compact, and the shutter soooo st…

Life Update

Will type tomorrow :)
Ohmygosh I swore that I'd work hard on my blog but...
I need to buck up!
Oh yeah and I went to the beach to help someone out with his portfolio.
Not many photos though coz I was too lazy to take my own photos by the time we were done.
Darn i didn't even take a pic of the sea!
Ok here's a pic!

Photo of the Week - Sipping Tea

I'd like to have a big house with a pretty garden someday. With a nice white table and cute water fountain just beside the table. I'd like to sip on tea every morning, and watch the little kids from next door run around, laughing and playing. And if possible, I want nice hair with loose girls that cascade oh-so-effortlessly down my shoulders. Haha.

Things that really should be illegal

1)Not flushing the toilet
I mean, hellooooo. You just need a BRAIN to do it, and everyone has one. is it that difficult to flush?

2) Sighing DEEPLY into people's faces
Don't need to smell your bad breath, thank you.
3) Being glued to the phone while walking super slowly.
Are you texting the hospital to reserve a space for you?

4) Crossing legs on the train and sticking it out for everyone to trip over.
Trains are only THAT wide. Wanna show that you have long, never-ending legs also not like that lah

5) Bitching about unmarried people viciously.
Because I'll rather be single all my life than to have a husband like yours.