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Photo of the Week - if I Had a Penthouse Suite

Last week, I told youthat I wanted a big house with a pretty garden. This week, I'm thinking that a penthouse with a view like that is pretty awesome too.
Dilemma. Haha.

Weird Dreams

Because most people hate wordy posts, here's a picture. NOTE THE CRUMPLED PAPER FILTER. And I look like I'm missing a hand =/

Ok so I just felt asleep by accident (AGAIN) and had another weird dream.  
This is all I remember at this point of time. A minute later, I'll remember nothing, so I better type this out quick:

Dream 1:
Someone was using the toilet bowl as some sort of communication device. She was using it to talk to her friend who was in a cubicle at another location. And doing it like it was the most normal thing in the world. The  memory of her kneeling down and leaning forward towards the toilet bowl is all I have. Haha. Very fuzzy memory. Oh dreams.

Dream 2:
Pretty much everyone I knew (including my best Facebook friend- which in reality would be dumb because we'd never meet in person) was on a mountain. On a cycling trip. And wearing formal attire. And we all shook hands when we met. When usually I'd be like OMGOMGOMG HIIIIIIIIII!!!! Shaking hands with pe…

Today I woke up looking like this.

And I'm hoping to get more mornings like this.
Because, I think sometimes, even my mirror gets rude shocks. Poor piece of gleaming metal doesn't deserve this, really. It should be living some normal girl's room, and not me, the ultimate freak-o.
Some girls love to hint that they've got no dark eye circles, frizzy hair, oily face and eye-shit - and yes I'm saying all these because I'm real like that. What do you think I'd say? That I wake up looking like Natalie Portman in that chickflick?

Though I know people who hint about how good and perfect they look oh-so-effortlessly. Oh I have natural blablabla so I blablablablaaaaaaaa Hehehe I cannot help it, I blablablablablaaaa Like that's even humanly possible.

Because I usually wake up looking like.. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . You sure you wanna see this? . . . . . . . . . . . . Well, you asked for it! . . . . . . . . . . . . . Don't say I didn't warn you! . . . . . . . . . . . . . I'm not sure if I should get you to sign something first. . . . . . . . . . . O…

Photo of the Week - Let it Rain!

Muddy fields. Usually kinda gross, but I'm sure all of us in Singapore will welcome rain - mud and all, with open arms. And hearts. And doors. And resevoirs. And their dams. And our water bottles. You get the idea.
The heat is so intense I feel like getting an egg and leaving it on the ground somewhere to see if it cooks. I will never, never complain about rain again. And in December, when it rains so often, I'll be saying, "GEEZ stop raining already! I haven't gone to the beach for AGES!" Humans. Tsk.
Which means I can't dress like that anymore or risk melting!
 And I have so much fat in me that I'd drown the whole country with my fatty liquids. Just like Venice, except that they're water and we'll be in fats. We'll be famous!


There. I said it. I do a lot of weird stuff.
This must be why I get people opening/knocking on my door almost every night. Or early morning. Actually nowm it feels like EVERY SINGLE NIGHT. Every Time I hear the click of a switch outside, I'll be like:
"Ohhh-Kayyyyy BRACEEEEE YOUSELF! someone gonna fling the door open, anytime, starting from now!"
Prepare to swivel my chair around and very chirpily say "OH HELLO!" oh-so-naturally."
There she goessss, there she goesss again!

Because I do a lot of weird stuff.
And since I don't have any 5 things to say this week, just let me spout random things off in my fit of frustration.

Maybe I do weird things like....

Watching Teletubbies on YouTube.
The same video, over and over again.

Dancing to Macarena
Wearing a pink fur coat and leopard print underwear. Because if that doesn't seem like something to call for worry, what else does?

Killing/Collection Beetles
And arranging them to form the word R…

5 Reasons ... Delayed Post

Actually, I haven't really got a reason.Except that the intense heat this month (always happens around June) has been making me Little Miss Lethargic. I keep falling alsleep by accident very, very early. Which explains the delay in emails, blog, and stuff (although I am very active on Instagram haha).

I'm gonna publish the post by Tuesday! And here's a new outfit.
I was going home after visiting the hairdresser... and passed by Bugis Street, the haven for cheap clothes.
And picked out 2 outfits (with accessories, yes!).

Here's one of them! Took this pic in My Secret Passageway of Mirrors. haha.

And ignore the watch this time hahaa. I have just one watch I wear all the time- the one mummy bought for me. Matches with pretty much everything else except for the more girly clothes. Good watches are expensive hello.

Ok talk  soon! :)
Sleeping with the A/C on tonight!  
Oh and I bought lots of Pink and Hello Kitty stuff from DAISO (the $2 shop) on Thursday! Only stuff that I&…

Photo of the Week

So I promised myself not to blog about depressing things here, but.... there are times when I feel I'll never be able to do anything right. This is getting more and more frustrating, and I get a feeling those are not obstables, but roadblocks :(

Thus this pic of a dry, dry flower amongst the vibrant, pretty, full-of-life-and-promising-future ones. Though if I'm having a good time now I could probably tweak this story some other way.
But then again, heh heh. This photo turned out not bad, considering I don't really have a good quality camera! I want the Casio TR 150 so, so much. Then I can take photos of myself with ease everyday. Hahaha :P Yeah right. It's a couple hundred dollars. I need to strike Toto first.

5 Silly Dares that I'll never have the guts to accept

1) Get into a cab and shout :"FOLLOW THAT CAR!"
Very, very dramatically with a theatrical expression. Just like in the movies. Mmm.

2) Walk down the train aisle, runway catwalk style.
And sit down with innocent nonchalance like nothing happened.
If there's ever enough space, that is. Early afternoon, maybe!

3) Go up to the barista at Starbucks and order "Kopi Gao, mai tng"
Imagine lah.

4) Announce 'Phew, that felt good!" loudly while exiting the bathroom cubicle.
Must have shiok expression. And then smile, maybe.

5) Walk indoors with my umbrella open.
Actually, I've done that before. By accident, of course. :(
Was too engrossed in my own thoughts, I didn't realise. And my new classmates (now one of my BFFs) walked up to me to tell me. Haha.

And I could do all these on video hahahaha.
But I always chicken out. Last week.. 5 Reasons to hate #littlemissperfect Read all Previous Weekly "Top 5" Posts here:

Photo of the Week - From High Ground

Went up to the 20th floor of some building to take this. Enjoyed the view immensely!
I standing there, enjoying the peaceful sanctuary of the 20th level, and feeling exceeding envious because people living there never have to bitch and complain about the noisy traffic in the mornings/weekeds.... well, any time good for a nap, actually!

Speaking of heights, some people are terribly afraid of being on high ground. They tear, they shiver, their knees turn into jelly. Being SUPER afraid of some things I Will Not Mention, I totally empathise with them.

AND speaking of fears..... I, by a stroke of anything-but-luck, happened to be on the same train as #catwoman just now!! Was soooo looking forward to going home because I wore heels for the FIRST time in my life today and my feet were KILLING ME.

But joy oh joy.... saw her on the bus and my heart just sank. Ok, guess you're feeling lost now. Let me tell you a little more about #catwoman.

#catwoman is the lady who's been feeding cats a…

Just thought you needed to see my face

And also because I've got all post-exam meet-ups, won't be blogging so much, and I don't want you to forget me, do I? Anyway, these were taken on a boring Sunday evening. I had nothing better to do at home. Trololol.
Looking at this pic is like striking lottery. It will never happen again, but the feeling of getting a good shot was WHEEEEEE while it lasted.

Ok bye I made a video today but audio sucked so I'm gonna get a new mic! Goodnight!! And sorry about being a depressing person but I'm dreading tomorrow and next week, and I hope pray wish that everything will be alright, and that my life will be alright, wish me luck ok! :)

5 Reasons To Hate #littlemissperfect

If you're a girl and you're reading this, there's a 99% chance that you know someone like this. The 1% are for the very priviledged littlemissperfects in the world.

Their perfect genes.
When I have to comb my hair and break a few combs in the process, slap on 1 million layers of makeup, eyeliner, and lipgloss to look relatively human-like, all #littlemissperfect has to do is wake up, brush her teeth, and get out of the house. Oh and they can eat all they like, show-off about it, and never, never gain a pound.

The supernatual abilities to never trip over anything, to land lightly whenever they walk/jumpm and the amazing power to not look like a fat freak (ie ME) in photos. Oh yes, and the ability to sneeze oh-so-daintily. The #littlemissperfects in the world have got like a trillion supernatural powers, really.

Their luck to never, never get a bad haircut/brow-trim go wrong in their entire time on Earth.

Everything goes their way. They are natually good at everything. Being …

Video of the Month: COCK AND COKE

I swear, I'm watching this for the 10th time (at least) and I still can't help laughing - very unglamorously, too. I burst. I snort. I hit the table, and shake uncontrollably.
So did 21 of my friends who shared the video. Thanks Norman for sending me funny links!!

And she does this with a completely straight face!!  OMG. HAHAHAHA. Very unfortunate, really, but still amusing hilarious.
I don't even want to think what I'd sound like when I try to learn a foreign language. Cos I've always wanted to learn French, German, Spanish, and yes, Korean! Oh the power of prounounciation. One teeenyyy weenyyy wrong element and the whole meaning's changed.
------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Made you laugh, didn't it! Is this WTH enough? If you didn't know already, I'm a finalist for the Singapore Blog Awards - Best WTH Blog. You can click here to vote for me a win cool stuff for you…