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Photo of the Week: Flower

Yellow's quite a nice colour, isn't it? I'd love to look so nice and stand out from the crowd too, and be good at SOMETHING - whatever something is. But lately I've been feeling that I can't seem to do anything right. I'll never be good at anything. No skillzzz, no talent, no looks, no charisma. Sucks, really, to suck at everything. If you get what I mean.

Anyway.... Ok let's see what happened this week. My exams ended, YAYYYY. Met up with the bestestest people in the world - who're so very accustomed to my quietness and still like me. And erm.. I feel really happy for someone to get the makeover I've always wanted for myself - and she looks amazing. And I went to this really nice thai pub.  Cos I usually only chill at Harry's. And flat beer is always nicer. Ok that's about all, haha.

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OMG I'm a Finalist for the Singapore Blog Awards!

Thank you, thank you, and thank you :)
How do you feel about being one of finalists in Singapore Blog Awards 2012?
Estatic, honoured, maybe a little relieved?  

1.   When did you start blogging and what drew you to it? Where do you get inspiration for your blog content?
I stared blogging when I was 16 when everyone in school did, the blogosphere was THE place for gossip, lastest scoops, and communication then. Haha. A couple of bloglink changes and new blogs later...

And then I talked to a few lecturers and journalists about my dream of being  writer.journalist someday, and was told that having a blog would pump up my portfolio substantially. Having a blog would mean that DIEDIE must write, which also gives me a chance so sharpen my language skills. Wanted to join next year, but there's no time like the present!

How do you feel about the other Finalists in your category this year? How do you think you will fare compared to them?
Actually I'm already damn super happy that I actually …

5 situations you hate to be caught in

Mostly trival, everyday matters. Haha.

1) Jumping Cab Meter
Jumping jumping jumping. And do you ever realise how fixated you get with those few numbers? You just stare and stare at them like you're observing some phenomenon. And when you reach toll stations (or whatever you call them, you know some spots wher eyou gotta pay extra cash), you go AWWWWW NOT AGAIN!

2) Elevator Stopping at EVERY SINGLE FLOOR
Especially when you are in a hurry! It takes eternity! And you stare at the display and think if you're better off taking the stairs. Actually, most of the time, you ARE better off taking the stairs. Because the lift will almost always be packed. And you gotta wait for the next one. And the next. And you'll manage to squeeze into one ONLY if you're lucky!

3) When the toilet's automatic sensor activates the flush before you're done.
Because that is just ewww.

4) Someone behind you gives a GIGANTIC SNEEZE
And you start to visualise droplets of saliva raining all over you.…

Photo of the Week - Apples

Apples, green and red. I took this photo a few years ago, and might have overdone the blur. Haha.
The point of this photo is... well this sums up what I've been feeling (and why I've been feeling like shit recently)
Is there something wrong about being different?
Or do some people just try too hard to force their own views on everyone else?  Everyone has something to say. Me, for example. I don't party. I wear glasses.I dislike travelling. I'm not attached. I don't wear sleeveless tops. And let me tell you now, there's a reason for everything. And if I told you my reasons, you'll be so very embarrassed and guilty you'd crawl into some hole (and hopefully dry up).

Which, in retrospect, doesn't seem all that bad. But well what can I say, I like to be mysterious ;)
My point is, just because someone isn't a your clone, or a follower in today's society, it doesn't mean you should try to analyse, assume, jump to dumb conclusions. Because it only …

I NEED YOUR HELP! (Singapore Blog Awards 2012)

Hi there! So.. surprise surprise, I'm a finalist for the Singapore Blog Awards : Best What-The-Hell-Blog! :) If you're on this page, it probably means you already have an account, so it would be really nice if you could spare a vote for me!

And if you DON'T have an omy account, it means that you're my friend. And if you're my friend, it won't hurt to spend 5 minutes (2 minutes if you're good)  helping me out! :)

I'm estastic. It's silly, I know, I've been obsessing over this for a few weeks.
Simply because... I don't want to be the invisible one anymore. The one always in the background, the one no one ever notices. Even if I had green hair and Teletubbies painted all over my face.

So I figured, why not join this? It'll make me feel better about myself - though I can't explain why yet. It's an empowering experience hahaha. It also means that someone out there, someone choosing the finalists, ACTUALLY ACKNOWLEGES MY EXISTENC…

5 Things that made you feel good in Primary School

I guess it only applies to people from my era, hahaha. FYI Primary School = 7 to 12 years old, for the non-Singaporeans. :) Those were the days! And we all laugh about out Mushroom Hair when we reminisce. Here's how I looked then- very dispropotionate, I know. Hahaha. And I lost both front teeth at the same time :P

1) Promotion from using pencils to pens
Because pencils are for the babies! Remember the excitement on the first day or school in Primary 3? We went to school, all 'grown-up, armed with new blue pens and correction tape. OH YES and the new cursive-writing skills which we bugged our parents or older siblings to teach us. Don't know why we used to think all grown-ups write in cursive - wonder if kids these days have the same misconception.

2) Getting a new pencilbox from for the new school term
The bigger, more colourful, and more decorations, compartments, springs (think Jack-In-The-Box), the better. How better to start off the new term than to show off? And now... …

Things that Make you Feel Good (That Really Shouldn't)

If you haven't noticed already, I've gotten enough inspiration to have a THEME this month! And this month's theme is.... How to Feel Good. So I hope (or.. maybe not) these make you feel nice.. happy... awesome, fabulous and everything nice!

1) Squeezing Blackheads.
And of course you don't wnat to admit it, but we all KNOW. There's this unexplainable satisfaction about having those annnoying monsters pop out just like that - and your spotless, spotless, nose.

2) Picking up coins from the floor
That someone else dropped. Even if it's just 50cents, it feels like TREASURE, especially if it's gleaming. But of course, YOU REALLY SHOULDN'T, because firstly well (for those with knotty knickers), legally, there's no such thing as Finders Keepers.  Secondly, one sad stranger just lost $$$. Though he/she must have ever chanced upon some other poor souls' lost coins. And let me tell you now you ALWAYS return valuable stuff, because what goes around comes arou…

Cute Video: Determined Toddler Gets Rejected

Saw this on Tuesday when it had only 1400 likes, it's got 80k+likes now!
Watch this adorable toddler try to hug his friend. She pushes him away repeatly, he lands on the floor each time. He's undeterred, and doesn't stop trying. Keeps following her around with his clumsy toddler steps.
And then he does this funny push-up like thing - I've not no idea what that's really supposed to be, but aiya. So cute lah.
All together now: AWWWW SO CUTE!!!!

And yes, of course. Add 20 years, and this would be completely uncute.
And again... what kinds of TV shows do these kids watch nowadays? haha.

Photo of the Week - Choco Lava Cake and Temptations

Studying always makes me hungrier.

Speaking of temptations, I was on the bus yesterday and overheard two ladies talking about how a hooker accosted a man. And for the record, I don't have anything against hookers. Well not really, anyway.

Okay.. you know how they usually approach potential clients, right? That one hooker was really daring. She groped the guy's butt. When he shook his head (to his credit and my admiration) moved away (sorry about what I said about men being sluts here) and groped his FRONT. I heard he was shocked and horrified and desperately looking around for help.

I'm wondering, if any man would ever file a sexual harrassment report against a woman. (And yes, it would be a valid complaint.) What do YOU think, and why?

5 OMG Moments When...

1) Your bladder is full and you have difficulties undoing your belt/zip.
They say time and tide waits for no man... and hopefully.. that doesn't apply to scenarios like this.

2) It suddenly dawns on you that you hit the Snooze button for the millionth time
And you're suddenly wide awake, and miraculously spring out of bed in a mad rush to prepare for school/work. At the same time moaning and groaning about the awesome weather and how great it would be to sleep in.

3) Your ink pen rolls off the table
And that 5seconds seems to unfold in slow motion...your pen lands tip first on the ground... and... DIES.

4) You fall alseep while the (new) hairdresser cuts your fringe
And you open your eyes to the biggest nightmare (which he/he calls a revolutionary breakthrough and tries to convince you that you'll be That Famous Trendsetter of the Decade) Bet you'll never say "Anything la, I trust you!" until he/she gets to know you and your preferences better.

5) You realise you…

Photo of The Week : Exam Preparation

And everyone knows exams = lack of sleep.

I don't really like coffee (unless it's those from like Starbucks/Coffee Bean etc - but they're SO expensive), so Red Bull's the next best thing to get my caffeine fix! Don't know if it really works, but at least, psychologically, it does!

And with exams, of course, comes gluttony, and in my case, sugar rush. As you can see HERE. I've been eating a pack a day. So much for Healthy Lifestyle.

What do YOU do to keep awake? Good luck to me and y'all who're having exams! I know the RMIT and NTU peeps are done with exams, hope you did well! And when MY exams finish, it's PLAYTIMEEEE! Not really party time because I (very strangely) dislike partying. Oh what can I say, I like to deviate from the norm, having people gossip about me (if people bother to) makes me feel like kinda celebrity-ish!

Last Thursday's Photo: Childhood and Playgrounds Click here for previous Photo of the Week posts

Sushi, Hello Kitty, and the Wonders of Technology

Posting this photo first because I only get (somewhat) nice-looking photos once in a blue moon! Let me bask in my own "normalness" for a while, okay? AND I LOVE HELLO KITTY (and yes I can hear you muttering about the cat with no mouth!)! Trololol.
I forgot why Cheri couldn't make it that day, but it's HER LOSS :P Cheri you miss us right!  

SEEEE SO HI-TECH!! Ordering is done though iPad!!! Shy people like me can worry less about having to talk to the waiter/waitresses and having to maintain eye contact. Or when I talk too softly and they can't hear me. Oops the secret is out. Haha. This is why I always pester/plead/beg my friends to help me with my order. =X Sorry la.

Another plus for efficiency. They send your food to you in the bullet-train thingy!! How adorable!! Then you press the yellow button to send the bullet-train somewhere else. Haha. Best for anti-social like me trololol. I'm so anti-social that's why some people think I have no friends and no l…

Have you ever called someone ugly?

Someone who's never done you harm and probably doesn't know of your existence?
Every time I hear a girl call some random stranger 'OMG EWWW SOOOO UGLYYY', I battle the urge to  say "you very pretty meh?'

There are only so many times I can listen to people insult someone's friend, child, parent without reason. "Ugly" is a really strong word and it's screwed up the lives of so many girls. I don't know why some people are so obsessed with putting others down, it's an unhealthy fixation and they should really seek help:)

Here's why I think some people are obsesessed with calling others ugly. Increase of level of disgust is directly proportionate to increase in age.

1) They are victims of insecurity
Insulting others makes them feel better about themselves. They need to bring others down to make themselves feel better. Somehow, they think it makes them less inferior. I don't know, could they be jealous of the other party's achieve…

Photo of the Week - Childhood and Playgrounds

I'll  never figure out how we could amuse ourselves with this teeny weeny area the entire morning.
I don't see many screaming kids running kids running around the playground and having fun anymore. Now, they're all glued to their parents' smartphones and tablets. Even the toddlers. What, no good ol' hide and seek and Catch the Baddie and Tag? Even see-saws were fun! (ours used to be wooden planks). We'd try to go up and down as fast as possible, and sometimes event think of flinging our friend off with our 'superhuman strength', but that never did work.
And then we'd climb UP the slide instead of the conventional slide-down. Oh and the fitness stations. We could never really succeed at monkey bars and pull-up/sit-up stations until we the (very elite) senior kindergardeners. And I, aka Miss Klutzy, got giant, liiquid filled blisters from slipping from the bars. Damn you, friction. I never knew of your existence until I was like 9 years old and whe…

5 Ways to deal with slow-walking people

Oh slow walking people. They frustrate many so. I don't meant the elderly, physically handicapped, pregnant ladies, or people lugging heavy stuff, etc.I mean those who plod plod plod as if their feet weigh a trillion tons in crowded places during rush hour. Those inconsiderate people are completely OBLIVIOUS to their fellow human being's desperation to reach work/school on time.

Walking at an excruciatiing slow pace is ok, it's not illegal after all, but these people loveeee to walk right SMACK in the middle of the path. You can't even get around them. And in MY country, where every square centimetre of space is VERY VERY TREASURED, most paths are narrow and you can't squeezeeeee.

Slow walking people are usually too busy talking on the phone/flipping their hair/ bobbing their heads to some song that they can't hear your 'excuse me'. Or they'll walk in a ROW and yakyakyak like they'll never see each other again. Walking ina single file for a few m…

Video of The Month - How to be a Celebrity for a Day!

Someone managed to fool an entire mall of shoppers and even security into thinking belieivng that he's a famous celebrity. by having some of his friends act as his fans.
Some girls in the crowd just went screaming OMGOMGOMG. The guy even had security escort him around!

Either he was really convincing, or society is now just OMGOMGOMG.
Oh the perks of being a star, even if it was just for a day.
The security did a good and prompt job (yes, they were doing their job, i mean, not everybody follows entertainment news all the time, right? And with soi many with the crowd, celebrity or not, I think they'd have to provide protection anyway!)

But those "star"struck girls..... hmmmm..... I don't know what to say. Haha. Shallowness is part of human nature, I guess.

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