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Photo of the Week - The Pink Furball

Guess what this is? :)
I finally got the hang of using my camera in Macro mode!
It's really good for close-up pics - check out the details.
P.S. I just viewed this post using something else and it looks gross ahahahaha.

Isn't pink the loveliest colour in the world? ♥
- 987766541 people are rolling their eyes now -Anyway, I''m gonna make this Photo of the Week post well... a weekly thing.

Random happening of the day. I met some really nice today. A random stranger who offered help. And replied 'you're welcome' even more graciously than my 'thank you'. Whoever said nice people don't exist anymore? And I take back those unfair comments I made about people ONLY helping pretty girls. Lovely people like that brighten my day, and I hope I'll brighten someone else's at least once a week, if not day.

If you're interested....

I'll be consolidating all photos and links in this page called "Photography":…

Photo of the Week: The Studying Bear

They say a picture is worth a thousand words.
It's pretty obvious that I'm the one who's supposed to studying, not Cutiepie Bear.

Who btw, has been with me for 15 years. He arrived in a mini dollhouse filled with minibooks, to the delight of me a.k.a Little Miss Clumsy (sorry Cutiepie Bear! ♥)

Okay I have truckloads of assignments to pass up next week, I'd better start on them before I regret and get Big Red Fs for everything!

Random: I've recently developed an unfathomable obsession for Earl Grey Tea.
I can drink it without sugar (goodbye cellulite)!, and goes perfectly with dessert.
Which contradicts what i just said about not taking sugar.
Oh well :P

And to all of ya reading this, I wanna know:
1) Do you still have a something from your childhood you've kept with you for a loooong long time? How long?
2) What's your favourite tea?

Lotsa love and I know there're people reading this and I love you and will love you more if you let me know who you are, 

Make it Right for a Better Ride with SMRT!

You'll never believe this. It DOES happen, you know.
There's this girl, Amelia. Every morning, she takes the bus to the train station, and from there, she takes the train to work. This time, she met many different character I'm sure everyone can relate too. Read and see if you recognise them!!
That day was a little different than other days.
While boarding the bus, Amelia met The Shover.Which could have been an accident, except that the culprit glared at her, with the accompanying resounding. TSSSSSSKKKKKK.

Now if that wasn’t enough, she met The Body Odor person. That someone was TALL. And holding on to the handrails on top. As luck would have it, the bus jerked, and Amanda’s face fell smack into. yeah I think you got it. EWWW. :X

Train station.
Playing Draw Something.
Stopped at the top, right in front of the escalator opening. Caused a panic.
Nuff said.

It really wasn’t a good day for Amelia, that poor girl. This time, she couldn’t get on the first f…

[Guiness World Records Attempt] Massive Robot Balloon Sculpture invades Singapore!

This weekend.
65,000 Balloons.
Guinness World Records. Marina Square.
Put them together, and you get...... THIS.

And believe me, it looks even more impressive in real life. Imagine how much time and effort it took! And there are HUNDREDS of balloons INSIDE the structure. Tell you why I know at the end of this post. I wanna cry when I think of the missed opportunity. hahaha.

Oh Silly me. I haven't showed you what this about yet! Read the banners lah! Confirm more interesting than my write-up.

Basically, this robot-like structure, all 11m x 18m of it was built by 50 balloon artists from Hong Kong, Taiwan, Malaysia and SIngapore to set a world record - more specifically, the Guiness World Records.

They finished this on Monday, and opened it for public viewing on FRIDAY MORNING. Impressive, no?

Balloon action figures. I think they'll be taken out to somewhere more open for easy photography. There were placed outside the atrium on Tuesday when I was there.  Did…

Super @#$% vs. Supersweet sales people

I had the honour of meeting both types today. Background: I'm the kind of girl who's extremly extremly timid and most salespeople like to take advantage.

Mean salesperson: Okay so a few days ago, the frame of my glasses cracked and the lens fell out.
While I was going down the stairs.
No fault of mine. Because HELLO, I've been wearing glasses since I was 7 and I'm 23 now!!
I swear, those two uncles always see me bodoh and timid - 他们臭人.

They told me to go back to get my (spoilt sunglasses) and they weren't able to help me replace them.
I wanted to end it fast and I KNEWWWWW a person like ME would never win people like THEM.
Until my sister heard of my predictament... and after very obnoxious !@#$%^ from the salesperson, THEY AGREED TO REPLACE THOSE GLASSES.

My sister rocks. She always comes to the rescue when stupid salespeople try to mess with me.
AND she doesn't even need to raise her voice. She can have thos poker face and speak softly without having anyone …

Can't believe I'm saying this: I'm glad my appetite's back! :D

Usually I HATE having to eat because eating = never becoming skinny=feeling even more inferior to #littlemissperfect=the desire to evaporate.
So.. NEWSFLASH. I'm sick! With a fever like the stockmarket.  I'm feeling a bit better now (why else would I be online), but still I-better-write-this-down-faster-before-I-forget-anything-and-then-go-to-sleep.

And you know someone doesn't usually fall sick when you see her Googling:
1) What are the symptoms of fever?
2) Where do headaches occur?
3) Will fever subside by itself?

Might seem funny now, but trust me, at the point of time, it was PANIC ATTACK. Which is why I'm writing this down now. So that I won't be such a sillysoul when this happens again.

I get the cough and flu and loss of voice quite frequently, the last time I rememembered having a fever like this was when I was like.. 18, and I'm 22+ now! I guess thats why I'm not surprised that I didn't know that was well. sick SICK.

And maybe I got the spelling wrong.…

Video of the Month: Teenage Stars Then and Now

As usual... I was bored.... in denial about my assignments as usual. Lurked around Youtube (as usual again), and came across this. How many of them do you recognise?