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New Hello Kitty Glasses!

Sorry if you hate Hello Kitty hahahaha :D
Maybe I'll get contacts (those that makes your eyes bigger, maybe with colours) to match these.
hahaha LIKE REAL, I'm too much of a coward to wear contacts, though contacts do make people look better.

I'm thinking of photoshopping (if there's such a word) fake eyelashes, hair colour, with dark brown eyes like all the famous lifestyle bloggers in Singapore do. hahaha.

Old photographs I LURVEEE and you should too :D

So I was clearing my photos in my laptop to make space for more, and chanced upon these old photos I haven't looked at  in a long time. Most were taken with my phone, and some with my budget camera. Saving up for a new camera :) After I'm done with school at Unisim :)

This flower's really tiny actually. Like, the size of an average fingerprint. Tiny, but still pretty enough for me to notice. Or maybe it's because being the girl who always blends into the background... I notice the unnoticible more.

I've blogged about this before. Now these, these look like dried weeds from a distance. But I still find them pretty. You just gotta make the effort to look at things closer to see how beautiful and rare they actually are.

And this.... remember those days we were little, and all the kids played together in the playground, and got along like SUPER well even though they've never met prior to that encounter? Sooo sooo…