Close Shave with Falling Christmas Decor!

You know, they say when you're about to die, your life flashes past you. All in a few seconds. I never believed you could see so much in a few seconds, but well, it's true. Not that I was going to die. But I kinda thought I was, so you get the point.

So... Christmas is around the corner, and it's time for pretty, pretty Christmas decorations! These look better at night, because of the lighting and everything.

I was on a shopping spree with a friend, and she told me "EH I;ve got a hoodie so I'm ok. But do you want to 开雨伞?It's drizzling."

Of course I said no. Or I wouldn't have anything dramatic to write about. Which is kinda weird, becaue usually, I'd grab any chance to show off my HELLO KITTY UMBRELLA.

Happened a few weeks ago, but I'm still spooked. Half-inclined to carry an umbrella over my head everytime I'm out, haha. Here's a closer look of the Xmas Decoration. This isn't the specific spot, because I was too spooked to take a pic right then #scaredeycat

So here's what happened. I was crossing the road with a friend, and I suddenly heard a crinkle. A very faint one, but enough to give me a feeling. Or you may call it...paranoia. It's amazing how much thoughts went through my mind that few seconds (though it felt like time stood still. Together with my limbs - coz they froze). First thing that came through my mind....
'DAMMIT. It must be a branch. I wonder how large it is. Oh I'm screwed'

Please don't let me die. I don't even have a nice photo and they'll have to use the photo on my identity card. Which is the most horrible pic I've ever taken.
I don't even want a funeral because I just blogged about it and everyone's always like "Oh I need to work", and nobody will come. Wonder if ghosts can cry.
(I'm not even trying to be funny about this because I've really thought about it. Sigh.)

Why aren't I moving? Should I be moving? Is staying still the better option? What if I move, and it lands RIGHT ON ME?

But hello.. I'm about to cross the road. Is there even anywhere else to move? Being hit by a car would suck even more.

Oh touch wood. Omg I'm going to be really pissed if it lands on my head.

Who should I sue if something happens to me?

Oh please I don't want to have to shave my hair off. Please.  I'm sorry for being such a bimbo, but the stares I'll get for....
Oh wait. Thanks to Hair for Hope, being bald doesn't come with that much stigma nowadays.

Screw this, why am I so unlucky?

Ok best thing. I'll  cover my head head with my hands.

Maybe I should look up, and see if I was just overreacting. I mean, it was just a crinkle.

Ok whatever. Traffic light's green now, time to walk. Better walk faster.

Next thing I knew... there was a louder noise... and one of the red balls landed right beside me. Broken into pieces, with sharp edges no less. Lucky, lucky me. I mean... the thing BROKE. Fine the impact probably wouldn't have killed me but it would have sucked all the same!
Yep. All these thoughts, in the span of a few seconds. I don't know how to explain it, but I think these thoughts didnt come in the form of words. They just... happened.. you know? I'm kicking myself being frozen at that point, but I guess it's a physiological thing, and it couldn't be helped.
And my friend and I froze for another few seconds after the Fall of The Red Ball. Hahaha. Right in the middle of the road. Hahaha. What a sight.

Oh there was this guy (kind hot btw), he actually walked back to kick the shards of Stupid Red Ball to the side of the road, so that it wouldn't puncture any car tyres. How considerate!

Ah. Hope for mankind. Yes, Mr. Gopalan Nair, it's true. Nice things do happen in Singapore :)


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