My Wedding, and thoughts on getting older

Got your attention, didn't I? :D
Anyway, I took this photo just a few steps from where I saw the 'moth'.

We're all getting older. Especially me. As you can see from this. Salonpas. Miracle cure for aches and pains HAHA. It's a sticker thing with medicated oil. You paste in on wherever you're hurting.  And I managed to get it stick to my hair.  Hurt like @#$% when I took it out!
I'm writing about weddings is because I've been seeing a lot of it on Facebook. Friends of friends, that is. They always have.... so many guests. I don't know how everyone can have at last 300 guests, because I know I could never do that. Why, I'm so... anti-social, even 30 (from my side) would be a problem. Unless I invite my grandmother's auntie's sister-in-law's godmother's mother's cousin's grandaunt's mother too.

And wouldn't it be embarrassing, if I had 20 guests, and my husband's got the 'normal' 200 guests? B
ut then again, I don't have to worry about that. I mean, who'd want to wake up to a mess like this every morning? HAHA.
Ok kidding. I staged this. Hahaha.
Ok but anyway, since honestly, I'm not the marrying type so the next 'gathering' thing would have to be my funeral. Yes, it's a morbid thought, but nobody knows. I can't guarantee nothing's gonna happen to be tomorrow, or any other day after that.
I just thought of who would attend my funeral (choy, of course), and I came up with a grand total of..... I don't even dare to say it. And even dead, I'll be really sad.

Hi if something happens to me, I don't want a funeral. But I do want to trend on Twitter (or whatever is the hottest in-thing then) for a day. HAHA. Thanks in advance. Though I really don't want to die because my hair feels nice and soft today, for once. And I'm making videos to troll my nemesises (if there's a plural version) over my 20+ years, and I want them to see it sooooooo bad.
 To make it easier for you to erase that frightful morning face from your memory, here're some  realistic pics
Ok bye study time! I promised I'd buy this for myself if I do well. You may say 'it's only $9, just buy it!". But I'm a very thrifty girl which is one of (the qualities of a very good wife btw HAHAHA), so CONTROLLLL. 

I usually like Piglet but this time Eeyore caught my attention! Even my sister says it's cute!

Happy Family! Not very well taken because I had to take these photos on the sly. Haha. I love soft toys but I'm not like super rich, so I take photos for keepsake :P

Oh I just sang heartily to  Right Here Waiting while typing my looooooong Facebook password. I can't multi-task, apparently. Took me an entire song to realise that.
And here's the song, in case you're too young to remember! His hair. Hahaha. 30 years down the road, the kids will be laughing at OUR "outlandish" hair.


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