Finally. .An Update!

Hi y'all! I know I haven't been posting for quite some time, but school's keeping me busy! Never-endng assignments, and exams are around the corner! I know I know.. boringgg life! But I'm trying to change that so just you wait! *air of mystery*
And here's a little something so that you won't miss me too much hahaha. Nothing much, just a few frames I extracted from another video I did. It's only 13 seconds so please watch it. HAHA.
 If you aren't from Singapore, I hope you have fun trying to figure out what I'm saying! :D

Here're some snapshots I got! I'm very very proud of this HAHAHA because nobody ever notices me and my friend says I'm FOREVER NICE. Okay I'll give myself some applause hahahahaha *self entertainment*
Breakfast!!! And the egg's just for show because I don't usually eat eggs. Poser-ish, I know. Don't you think eggs emit fart smells sometimes? But they sure make nice visuals!
And this one. OMG. I got a TERRIBLE SHOCK when I was walking towards this.... thing. I thought it was a gigantic moth. And there wasn't anywhere else I could detour! Had to brace myself, hold my breath, pluck up all my courage to walk! Then I realised... it was just masking tape! I swear, it looked worse from far! Should have taken a video but was too traumatise to think straight hahaha.
My Parents. People of few words. Both 'k-ed' at me!
Oh and I haven't really taken many photos of myself because I kindaaaaa had a bad haircut... but here's one which isn't very clear. And if I may add... #nomakeup #nofilter #noedit.
Which is probably why I look so different from the video, when these were taken 1 week apart.

Okay that's all for now! Catch up soon! :D


Busola said…
Its great to have you back! I thought you left me :(. Eggs dont have a farty smell...sometimes :P. You look really pretty in the picture and, I'm not from singapore, but I can understand you perfectly!
Furree Katt said…
YOU ARE SO CUTE. YouTube is banned in Pakistan so I can't see any of your videos :(
That moth thing scared the crap out of me I thought it was real for a second too!
ShuShu said…
Hi Busola1 Thank you, glad to know!:D Sometimes I feel quite self-consious when I talk to foreigners because I think they can't understand what I'm saying!

Furree, not as cute as you! <3
OMG you can't watch YouTube :(
I wanted to upload it to FB but it took too long, and got stuck halfway!
Busola said…
I totally understand! I feel so selfconscious sometimes that I take on people's accents or very neutral accents when I speak to people just to help them undeestand me. Now I do it unconsciously and its just weird. Trust me, I get you on the selfconscious feelings.
ShuShu said…
yes Busola! And there are occasions where I occasionally laspe into a fake accent, which is so very embarrassing! I'm glad someone feels the same! :D
And why isn't your blog available for viewing anymore :(

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