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Why I paid $200+ just to get someone to Shut Up

Have you ever stepped into a spa/grooming salon/gym..

Then the  very aggressive staff just drone on and on and on about how you should live your life  sign up for their packages?

And when you agree, they'll be like "actually there is a much better one' ?

And then The Better Package gradually snowballs to become .....
The Million Dollar Package That Can LAST Until Your Great-Grandchildren Have Great-Grandchildren? 
And fine, I'm ranting, but you gotta admit, those promotion tactics are helluva annoying. I mean the tactics, not the staff, because I'm pretty sure they don't loveeeeee cornering, ganging up, and uttering torrents and torrents of numbers and act like cats fighting for fish.
I just spent $200 buying a package, and all because I wanted to SHUT THEM UP. Like buying my way out of prison LOLOLOL.

They never, never take no for an answer
and will continue talking the shit out of themselves until the customer gives in. Or screams STFU and stomps away, hopeful…

My Wedding, and thoughts on getting older

Got your attention, didn't I? :D Anyway, I took this photo just a few steps from where I saw the 'moth'.

We're all getting older. Especially me. As you can see from this. Salonpas. Miracle cure for aches and pains HAHA. It's a sticker thing with medicated oil. You paste in on wherever you're hurting.  And I managed to get it stick to my hair.  Hurt like @#$% when I took it out!
I'm writing about weddings is because I've been seeing a lot of it on Facebook. Friends of friends, that is. They always have.... so many guests. I don't know how everyone can have at last 300 guests, because I know I could never do that. Why, I'm so... anti-social, even 30 (from my side) would be a problem. Unless I invite my grandmother's auntie's sister-in-law's godmother's mother's cousin's grandaunt's mother too.

And wouldn't it be embarrassing, if I had 20 guests, and my husband's got the 'normal' 200 guests? But then aga…

Finally. .An Update!

Hi y'all! I know I haven't been posting for quite some time, but school's keeping me busy! Never-endng assignments, and exams are around the corner! I know I know.. boringgg life! But I'm trying to change that so just you wait! *air of mystery* And here's a little something so that you won't miss me too much hahaha. Nothing much, just a few frames I extracted from another video I did. It's only 13 seconds so please watch it. HAHA.  If you aren't from Singapore, I hope you have fun trying to figure out what I'm saying! :D
Here're some snapshots I got! I'm very very proud of this HAHAHA because nobody ever notices me and my friend says I'm FOREVER NICE. Okay I'll give myself some applause hahahahaha *self entertainment* Breakfast!!! And the egg's just for show because I don't usually eat eggs. Poser-ish, I know. Don't you think eggs emit fart smells sometimes? But they sure make nice visuals! And this one. OMG. I got a TERRIBLE…