Some of you have heard me complaining about my veryyy niceeee neighbours. A few months back, I mean, Now I hardly notice the noise they make anymore.
You know, the ones who play musical chairs in the middle of the night?

Or feel the incessant need to shift their furniture around, almost every single day?

Or are trying to break the World Record by having the most number of thumbtacks hammered on the floor?

Or training to be the next Usain Bolt. Though it'd be difficlt because of space constraints - flats in Singapore aren't that humongous, you know?

Oh at least nobody plays with marbles. But marbles ok la. Because it means little kids are playing and they are so cute so I can shut one eye :D

I'm attuned to the noise enough to ignore it most of the time, but OMG YESTERDAY... THEY REALLY DID IT.




You're gonna go 'WTF', I know.

But it ws traumatising HAHAHA

But I'm you have or WILL experience something like that.


Ok la it was a bit past 11pm, not THAT late, but had an early night coz I was extremely tired. I had the most AMAZING DREAM ever (though I can't remember anything now). Seriously, it was amazing, like if my wildest dream came true, around that level. And at the most CRUCIAL part of the dream...

I woke up with a start. Tried my very very best to remember the dream so that I could go back to sleep and continue it... but :(:(:(:(:(
Have you ever tried to go back to sleep just to continue your dream? Haha.


Furree Katt said…
When I used to live in an apartment building I absolutely loathed my neighbors who lived above me! Also the ones on the side, who decided to take showers at 2 am and sing at the top of their voices or use the blender in their kitchen. I can so totally empathize with you, haha. It sucks that your dream got disturbed, especially when everyone knows that awesometastic dreams come few and far between! :(
ShuShu said…
I know and some people sing with all their hearts but off-key :/

And yessss some dreams are like TV shows! Just that WE are the ones living the awesome lives this time hahha

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