Can You Understand This?

Since I don't know what to write about (notice 10 days of absence) and  blog hits decreased drastically because of that, here's something. I'm going to write about anything that comes to my mind WITH MY EYES CLOSED. 

                     Here it is, and I swear I changed nothing!
Dear diary, actyually I don't know what to wrote abnyt. I have been thinking and thkning dor ages., and have come to no concluision. This is why I a, typing with mty eyes closed now. I can imahge ithe whole thing is jigberris niy O dn't want to cheat because ttat ios wrongggg. Opops i jst opened my eyes for a bit. I didn't do as badly as I thought! I;m listening to Marrom 4 on the radio now. Oh fosh. Adam Leabin os sooo HOYTTTTT. And you think there us a chance that I'll get rthis perfect? MAybe I should LEarn The Art of Fingering. Which sounds wrong. I think. Heh Heh. FIntering I mean you know, they right way , like er,m. when we larnt in Paimar s choool ;ike which finger whou;ld be on which key and that. Ok I need to open my eyes and see what kind of mess I made!!  

I guess it's still ok. If you spend like an hour, you'd totally understand :D

And like always, due to boredom and because I can't get over the fact that I've FINALLY gotten a nice phone with a camera at the front.. here're some pics I took on the Taxi on Thursday (OMG I KNOW MAN. SHURIN. ON A CAB. You can buy lottery. Thank me later!)
Actually, I took about 10. But only 5 are passable. Well, that's an improvement, because I usually have to take about 20 to get an 'okay' pic! I LOVE YOU, FRONT CAMERA, even though you're only VGA! Good thing about blur photos - no need to edit.

Oh and I went back to Chocolate Origin for my favorite  Warm Chocolate Lava Cake! Simply to die for, totally worth the calories.
Second look. Ooze, ooze baby. I'd show you how moist the sponge is, but brown doesn't always... turn out right. ;)

Oh and Wardha dug this photo out.

When I look at this again, actually, I wasn't THAT ugly when I was schooling.  Haha.


SimplyHeather said…
Lol! When I saw "actyally", I automatically felt bad because I'm pretty much one of those people who notice spelling/grammar errors right away. This was pretty funny, though! I think I'll try typing with my eyes closed some time! That chocolate thing looks yummy (:

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