You probably want to slap me after this

But then again, we're getting older and I wouldn't dare do silly poses like that in a couple of years!

But here's what (oh look I found a mode which gets a good shot under low light!) REALLY wants to make me slap someone. People who pose with alcoholic drinks for the sake of posing with alcholic drinks. And write captions like 'I LOVE PARTYING'. 'WE ALL DRANK VERY *insert ridiculous which I cannot mention or they will know I am talking about them*". Haha. Oh I'm sorry, but does drinking make you a cool cat? Sorry la maybe I old liao. Want to ask me go club is like asking me to go die HAHA. Cannot sia me go one.
And besides I don't drink because I wanna (imagine that I) get high. Because if you get 'high' on beer you must have drank enough to fill a million camels. So if you say you got 'high' on beer because you 'partied' too much, You are either a camel or just a poser. Most likely the latter. Ok and here's a pic of a luscious, luscious 1/2 pint of beer (1 too expensive lah plus I don't want to be PARTAYYY GIRL by drinking ONE WHOLE PINT (sarcastic) leh. Aiyah should have camwhored with the cup a bit more hor. Then I can be cool :D Or can do troll post.
And I am not contradicting myself. The pint just happened to be there because lighting in pubs are always nicer! At least I nv go pub and call myself partygirl HAHA. Coz I always go pub gossip only haha. I must call myself gossipmonger. Gossip until very *ridiculous word*.
HAHA YOU ALL DON'T  SAY I ACT ATAS HOR. MY SINLGLISH SUPER GOOD. And for editors who may be my future employers, please be assured that I can switch from Standard English to Singlish, any time I like :)
Okay Bye hahaha. And here's another video of me practicing my 'speaking skills'. Very pathetic to have to practice something that comes to most people naturally, but well.. I can't give up on myself just because of that, right? So, I'm gonna post a video every few months and you can see if I've improved! And I know the number of 'I's uttered is annoying. hahaha.


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