[Sponsored Review] 2B Alternative

I've always joked about my face being a 100inch plasma TV, and my friends and family must already be tired of me complaining about my chunky thighs. Which are really gross, btw. So you can imagine my joy when 2B very nicely sent these over!
I've seen them in Guardian (but i left the price list at my workplace), but I didn't dare to buy them coz they were kinda expensive.. and what if they didn't work?? My $$$$.
But here's some hope!
I'm told that the 2B For Face thins out chewing muscles, improving the jawline contour without the need for cosmetic surgery. Famous celebrities like Nancy Wu, beauty editors and bloggers have been raving about 2B Alternative's slimming products.
The serum-like liquid is really clear, and you only need 2 drops! Glifes on easily, and there's no scent, no burning sensation, in case you're wondering!
And my verdict? Actually, I think it does work, though the difference isn't significant enough to be seen on photos. But I've got a good feeling about it, so I'll most definitely try it out and let y'all know again! My 'Before' photo's super ugly HAHA. And you can be sure, when I find out that this works, I'll write a really kick-ass review! :D


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