"Please do this' vs 'Please kindly do this'

I don't understand.
Why do some people say "Please KINDLY do this" instead of a simple "Please do this?".

I don't know about you, but I don't feel particularly kind when someone asks me to 'Kindly' do something. Sometimes I feel meaner. If you ask me, 'Kindly' brings the authoritative factor up a notch. Make that many notches.Don't you think that word's a tad redundant? Think about it. If you omit 'kindly', it doesn't make a difference in your intended message! Unless you're trying to sound authoritative, that is. But most people don't la.

This word IS overused though. Sometimes even worst than LOL.

Imagine you're at home:
"MINMIN (that's my nickname at home) Please kindly fold your clothes!!
"I just mopped the floor! Please kindly be careful!"

"OMG I can't stand this advertisement! Please kindly pass the remote control to me!"

Or if you wanna make requests like:
Please kindly wash my underwear.
Please kindly loan me 10 thousand dollars.
Please kindly shut up
Please kindly stop beinng such a bitch (now I'm talking about myself)

I doubt anyone would help you out of kindness of their hearts.

P.S. I'm not talking about anyone in particular because too many people do it XD
P.P.S. Please kindly forgive me if I'm just being an anal bitch :)

And here're some very unbitchy looking pics I just took. Hahaha. Hopefully that'll erase any 'EWWWW what a biaaaatch' thoughs you're having right now.
Eh but I wanna try to look bitchy. I try ok? Promise you won't laugh too hard!
Here it is... can't be that difficult, right? Frown, pout, and MUST. NOT. SMILE.
Okay I stand corrected. Maybe it is difficult. Hahaha. Whaddaya think? HAHAHA and I put the caption there in case you all think I think very nice LOLOL.


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