Photo of The Week - Suntec City is still open, people!

And first I think I should say I could have done it better, but I kept having this feeling that someone was gonna hit me on the back of my head and abduct me. Haha. So it was like FASTER SHOOT FASTER RUN! Here's a reflection of Suntec City.. poor retailers. Nobody wants to visit because of construction works. Well.. more like nobody knows the shops are still in operation (NOW YOU DO!)

I must have taken about 200 photos that day... but I'm just uploading 2... for now. Haha. Have  never seen Suntec City soooooo empty before! Most shopes are still open, btw! So you can visit and shop in peace! Hhaha. No more bag swishing, elbow brandishing people!

For more photos I've taken over the year, click here:


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