Photo of the Week - I was tiny!

I know you probably find it very very very very very hard to believe.... but I was once tiny! Tiny enough to get into this!! Without getting stuck! HAHAHA. And no I my silly camera cannot achieve the bokeh effect. I had to edit it la. #mafan

Oh here's what I'm into this week:
Making wishes at 11:11.

And I love Hello Kitty but I can never really bring myself to buy Hello Kitty Merchandise because they're so expensive.  Sometimes I print Hello Kitty Photos and stare at them instead of buying the actual soft toys. And If I get married I'd say something like 'if you love me you'd let me have a Hello Kitty themed wedding"
Haha. Kidding.

Okay bye may I dream of Hello Kitty tonight.

For more photos I've taken over the year, click here:


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