Photo of the Week - Colours of my Life

Colours. Just what I need in my life. What colour best describes your life? If you say 'RAINBOW',  I envy you.

Sometimes, I look at myself, and look at others. And then I wonder, where is my place in this world.  I wonder what I'm supposed to like, who I'm supposed to like, and what I'm supposed to be good at. Will I ever do something that will change the world? Or even make an impact on ANYONE's life. Honestly, at this age, I still have no idea.
As I'm re-reading this, I noticed that I'm good at using 'I' in every sentence. Haha. Fat lot of good that makes.
Help, somebody?
For more photos I've taken over the year, click here:

I wonder why some people can be
1) Celebrities
2) Famous
3) Spies
4) Graceful
5) Good Looking
5) Charismatic
6) Always at the centre of attention
7) Everything I am not


Anonymous said…
You should leave those existential questions to long dead philosophers. I find it's easiest to just let go and let it happen, there's a beauty in making choices based on only your feelings. Or just 'go the way that Providence dictates with the assurance of a sleepwalker' (-Adolf Hitler[for a deranged Nazi and orchestrator of millions of deaths he had some decent advice]).

Then again that's just me, I won't presume it's the same for everyone.

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