The day my $10 almost floated away together with Karma the Bitch

Today, I was heading out for lunch when I saw a belt wriggling in the water, looking very much like a snake. I whipped out my phone to take a pic because I thought it was hilariously silly that someone actually managed to drop her belt in the water. Little did I know that What Goes Around really does Come Around, because just then, my $10 note slipped out and  fluttered, landing lightly, slowly, but surely, into the depths of doom water. FML.

A bit long for an FML (check out story, but still worth your time, hahaha :P
Everything happened in slowwwwwww moooooooootion. Fortunately, I managed to reach into the water to rescue my $10 in the nick of time! :D The $10 was the plastic-ky kind. Heng arrrrrr. If it's the $50 paper one I confirm heart pain. Heart pain + Tak Glam because I had to lean over the ledge in my skirt.

10 hours later, I'm still in shock. Because... I managed to (magically) squeeze through this teeny weeny gap to retrieve my 血汗钱!!! AND before the current washed it to the centre of the... pond! Now I know how The Moment of Triumph felt for the Olympic gold medalists!

And if you can't see exactly how teeenyyyyyy it is, here's a rough guage. This is my handphone pouch. Which is about.. erm... 14cm. And yes, you're spot on. I'm feeling pretty smug about it :P

Here's another pic of the 'snake'. And it really did look like a water snake, swimming swimming along. haha.

Today, I learnt a lesson, and I will never poke fun at others again. Ever!! Ok bye I've got school tomorrow and no, Miss Bitch, this photo ain't photoshopped. You really should learn The Art of Angling. But then again, you're so one-dimensional, there's a sky-high chance it won't work for you! 


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