Safra PK Challenge 2012- It's your time to shine

Do you love to sing? Or want a shot at stardom?

Here's a chance to have your very own Original Single, produced by professionals and get it played on National Radio and screened all around Singapore!
The PK Challenge is back! With more than 500 participants coming togethe to pit their singing skills against each other in 2009, and 2011, you can be sure it's not just cheesy karaoke competition! People all serious one, okayyy. :D

If you win.. you'll be heard over NATIONAL RADIO and OOH Media Screens!
FYI, OOH means Out Of Home, means... SUPERRRR PUBLIC PLACES wooowhooo!!
A $500 cash prize and gift hamper worth $1000+ could be yours! And of course, a Trophy for you to place somewhere so you can relive your moment of glory, every single day!
Bet of all, registration is FREE!! So.. if you're 18 and above.. keep these dates in mind! 
Ok here's a short video if you're lazy to read, ahaha

Contest Details
Online Audition : 1 Aug to 3 Sept
Qualifying Rounds: 8 Sept 2012 (City Square Mall)
Quarter Finals: 15 Sept 2012 (City Square Mall)
Semi Finals: 29 Sept 2012 (Switch)
Finals: 29 Sept (Switch)
Try it, you never know where this could take you!
Oh and if you're selected to be the featured partcipant, you get to win additional prizes!
Visit to find how how to submit your entry by 3 SEPT!!
And just for kicks, here's a paparazzi-style shot of me. See, I always sing out-of-tune but I can be a star too!


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