I LOVE MY NEW NOSE!!! (And very cute pics hahaha)

Hi!! I love my new nose!! It's so much smaller and sharper, don't you think? OMGOMGOMG I LOVE IT SO MUCH I COULD CRY!!!!!
Oh HELLO you TROLL. That caught your attention, didn't it! Shut up with the 'you look so different' already. My nose looks smaller because of makeup (and I also caught the right angle)! Though I wouldn't mind going for cosmetic surgery hahahaha. And if I did I'd be really proud of it and show it off!!

If you've got got nose like mine, you'll be super depressed for at least one minute everyday!
Anyway, surgery or not, Photoshop or not, it's nobody's business but the person herself/himself.
I don't know about you, but I tend not to buy food sold at clearance sales.

And these are so adorable I wanna eat them up!! Of course I didn't buy them $17 and $13 respectively, rather cheap for original Sanrio merchandise, but too expensive for me. I'm so thrifty, I will be a very good wife!!! :D:D
Oh and I need to trim my brows soon! I miss the days I had two eyebrows, so here's a pic for me to remember better.
Okay Bye!!


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