The Day I Fell In Love for Real

I attended a photography workshop today... and fell in love. The most beautiful camera, ever. And it could have been mine but I ws to timid to fight for it, haha. So much for falling in love with it. Just LOOK at that shade of pink!! And the functions, grip, buttons, screen, EVERYTHING.  Just the way I like them!

Learnt a lot, hopefully I'll remember everything, and this puts something new on my plate :P

And... the shutter speeds so fast, unlike my rickety old one which is no good at all for my shaky hands. Uber non-grainy as well, unlike my budget one where I can play Count The Dots when I'm bored lolololol.

It's a bummer that I didn't win this! Would be nice to have a semi-pro camera for this blog and my interests.. and videography (it's FULL HD!!).. and also... you're gonna roll your eyes but.... I'd like to have something nice that Little Miss Perfect doesn't just for a change!

I KNEW that this was up for winning, but then... I just won an iPhone 4s (LIKE OMGOMGOMG), and I felt bad about praying and wishing super hard for this, because that'd be really greedy, and now everybone of my body feels like they're being tattoo-ed with the words 'REGRET'!!

Oh please, please, please, please let me have a semi-pro camera soon.


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