Car Racing. Indoors. Without Engines. Yes, it's possible!

This weekend, expect one of the most unusual races you'll ever come across. I mean, you've heard of F1, bike racing, etc, but I daresay an INDOOR gravity-powered race is virtually unheard of.  Cars, painstakingly built from scratch (chassis, with no engine, of course) and then decorated by participants will be pushed from an 8m high ramp.
Of course, not everyone can be fearless speed demons, so if you're not a racer, don't worry, you're not forgotten! Like the looks of these?
Mini Sasuke challenge,
Giant inflatables,
Trampoline bungee,
Mini soap box race
Racing simulator

Read more here: MediaCorp's FIRST ever Soapbox Derby event

Race Me - A MediaCorp Soapbox Derby Event
1st Sept - 2nd Sept 2012

11am to 8pm
Singapore Expo Hall 6
If you're not convinced yet,  these pretty Race Me Ambassodors will catch your attention ;)
If had 10% of this prettiness I'd be very very very happy.

By the way, for the lazy asses, an undecorated chassis looks like this:
Well.. it's ON this weekend, and here's why you should be there!
1) This is MediaCorp's FIRST ever Derby event, and well everybody likes to be first because.. like Barney Stinston says... DIBS!!
2) Did you hear CELEBRITY APPEARANCES? Yesssss! MUTTONS MUTTONS MUTTONS and the rest I've mentioned before!
3) Actually this is the most important: IT'S FREEEEEE!!!!!
Ever since I got hooked to watching Sasuke Challenge, I have been fantasising about conquering this, even when some really Macho man couldn't. And then I can join Ninja warrior and I'll be the first female winner. And then I can make an impression on the WORLD and stop being so invisible hahahah. 
A video speaks a trillion zillion words so you'll see why I'm so obsessed over this wall by watching the video here:

Here's the program outline!
BTW  His Royal Hotness, Dai Yangtian is gonna be there on Saturday, HAHA. from 2pm to 4pm!

More updates on their Facebook Page


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