6 years, we're still not tired of doing this

Uploading this photo first just because it's my fave and I want it to appear as this post's thumbnail. Haha.

Met up with dear Dia and Ning some time ago!! It;s been 6 years, and we still take hundreds of photos when we go out together. Hahaha. Stupid pose also nvm. 多难看的都看过了。

 We went to eat and hahaha my solo pic was horrible!
 Testing the camera. haha. 

We found this superrrr deserted area and did SOME MORE camwhoring!

Maybe not so deserted! In this pic I was running back to my friends because a large group of army dudes were walking in my direction.  Should have smiled widely and posed a bit more!

Then we suddenly had the idea of...... posing and focusing on our shoulders. HAHAHA. MANY failed shots but I shall torture you with these few for now.

 Take 987654321. There are really hilarious ones but I don't know if Dia and Ning are gonna be ok with you all looking!
Ok I'll stop posting those!! But seriously, there's something about just a litttttleeee big of shoulder baring! :P

Look at the pic above! My photography skills are the BEST!!!!!!!!!!!!!
 Oh and there was this music event that day, and this really cute boy came up and told us that we couldn't use flash photography there. Super polite. Made us paiseh about taking so many photos. Hahaha. So cute eh. If I ever have a kid I'd wnat my kid to be just like him lololol.

Went to Starbucks for superlicious drinks, and played UNO. Check out the state of her cards!!

Okay bye!! I don't know wtf is with my expression but that's the only pic I've got hahahaha

And I need to rant! why I'm at home when I'm supposed to be in school!! For the first time in my 1.5 years in school. You know we have e-learning based classes right? Not totally e-learning, but 1/2 tutor taught and 1/2 e-learning. I don't know if I'm right, but tutors are actually supposed to TEACH in class.

Maybe it's because all the other tutors I've met did that. But this one... she says our sessions are not supposed to be about teaching, just supposed to be for asking questions!!! And classes always end like, in an hour!

Once, I even had to travel 3 hours travelling to and from school for a stupid session I didn't even learn anything from! And one student was late for 40 minutes. But the time he arrived.... the very useless class ended already!!

OMG pleaseeee don't let me get her next semester!


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