Photo of the Week - Pushovers

Wrote this more than a year ago in a private diary, and thought it'd be a good time to share this here.  I've come a long way, and I'm glad to say that I've shaken the hate and stigma off.  A few years spent in Camp Bully The Pushover has made me a stronger person, ready to face new challenges that await me. I'm sure this experience would be useful in my future endeavours, because everything happens for a reason. Even if the process sucks, it's worth it in the end!

The next time someone tries to mess with me, this pic tells all. Ironman, if you read on, is an Anything But. Which is where I'm trying to veer towards. I was a Forced Pushover, btw. :)
MESS WITH ME AND YOU'RE A GONER! I ain't no pushover! :@

Here's the post, I left it as it is.
I've been thinking about the wimp of a pushover I once was.Ok I still am, but not overly. What an idiot, but nevermind, that's over now. Then I look at other pushovers. What defines pushovers, you may ask? I don't care about the official definition. I think pushovers are people who are obliging and accomodating to the Point Of No Return. Ok that was an exaggeration. They're just obliging and accomodating people who fail to realise they they've been taken advantage of.
There are MANY different types of pushovers. I can think of 4 major ones in a snap. There are more, and some people are kinda in-between.. but yeah..
Pushover 1: The Natural Pushover
The 2nd word says all. It's an inborn talent. Inherent. Innate. natural. Nuff said.

Pushover 2: The Forced Pushover (FP)
People like that are not neccessarily born pushovers. Theybecome pushovers under FORCED circumstances. They have no choice but to grin and bear it when idiots go all out to take advantage of them. Forced pushovers are the most dangerous. They're usually quite tolerant, because they have to. Like I mentioned, that "You Can Push Me Around" trait was never naturally instilled in The FP. When when the FP's tail is stepped on too many times, The FP breaks. And bites back. AND when the FP has nothing to lose.. he/she bites back like a piranha. Idiots then become goners.

Pushover 3: The Unexpected Pushover
Why do I say 'Unxpected'? Well... People like this, they usually have every right to be anything BUT pushovers. They're powerful, usually high-ranking. The thought of takign advantage of them should NEVER cross anyone's mind. But no, they never, ever make use of that power, and they are amazingly sweet, tactful, obliging. I've never been able to study Unexpected Pushovers enough to know if they'll ever break. But.. it's been said that everyone has a breaking point... so idiots had better be careful. Once Unexpected Pushovers break, you know you're done for. Don't be too absurdly greedy, assholes! Thee's a fucking limit to everything, test your luck too much and I hope you die.

Pushover 4: The Anything But
So he/she isn't a pushover. I just had to include this to make it more complete. Heh. These are the people I look up to most. No one tries to climb over their heads). No one even has the teeeeeniest urge to push them around and get around something. People in the Anything But Category are able to hold their grounds (very firmly), and they have this aura "I can't take shit so shit better not come my way". Anything Buts are by no means mean/anal/particular people. They strong, and at the same time, respected, and feared upon by idiots. I'd like to be an Anything But someday.


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