Meetup with April - Everything with Fries

And I know the background of this pic is a bit ermmm.. haha. but I like how I look and I like how my dessert looks! And these people are lucky. I'm sure I'm the type who people say 'OMG HAHAHA LOOK AT THE GIRL IN THE BACKGROUND, SHE LOOKS LIKE FRANKENSTEIN' when they take my pic by accident!'

Hi everyone! Haven't really been blogging because, well, I get bored rather fast =X
I know I really shouldn't though. Well but here's a friend I'll never get bored of! I saw her on the first day of school and she had such nice hair, my first thought was 'this girl's so pretty, she much be one of The Bitchy Ones!'.And it turns out she saw me too. Smiled at me and I looked away. So her first thought about me was 'The Unfriendly One. Hahaha.

But 6 years on, we talk NON-STOP about nothing at all. Which amazes me sometimes because our lives are so different and well... kind of boring, I must admit!

We've been on a food (and of course, dessert) rampage recently.... and here's one of our dessert sessions!  Look at our fooddddddd. Forget my diet, forget the superficial people in my life. I deserve to indulge once in a while!

Mine! Tandoori Chicken Sandwich! Super big portion!

April's! Spagetti. Tastes oh so unique. Bursting with flavour, party in the mouth.

As you can see, her spagetti comes with a side of fries as well. Carbo overload! But still super niceeee.

Desserts were 50% off. And when the waitress asked us if we wanted to add a scoop of ice-creams, we just looked at each other and nodded eagerly. Hahaha. I had no regrets! GIGANTIC scoopy of vanilla ice ream with the Warm Hazelnut Chocolate tart mmmm. The buiscuit's made of OREO! I wanna go againnnn. Too into taking photos, our ice-cream melted.

And what's a meet-up session with a friend who owns the iPhone 4 or 4s without a campwhore session :) I'd like to get one but well... I'll get one when I'm a millionaire. :(

APRIL!! Don't kill me for posting this :)


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