Cameras I'm Eyeing

For the Sony one, at least. Which is this you see right now. The Sony NEX-F3. Saw this on the news a couple months ago (price was still TBA then), and fell in lurveeeee.
Semi-pro, and a 180 degree flipscreen. Interchangable lenses so that you can take photos of other stuff. AND, AND, AND, videos are in FULL HD!

My super, super dream camera. I'd call it my ULTIMATE dream camera if it's got the remote control function. Unfortunately, I just dropped by the store, and it costs about a thousand dollars so.... yeah. No go.  Writing about my omg-omg-i-know-i'll-never-get-to-own-this here makes me feel better though! :D

So I thought.. okay I'll stick to a more budget-y camera. This. Which I did almost buy a few years ago but ended up buying another one I ended up disliking *pulls hair*.  I have a good feeling about this one. Heh.

And then.... I was out shopping last week and came across this!

AND AND AND... IT COMES IN MY FAVORITE COLOUR!! Super compact, and the shutter soooo strategically located!

 Bye I need to go to the freezer or something coz I'm melting already lah.
*starry starry eyes*


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