Weird Dreams

Because most people hate wordy posts, here's a picture. NOTE THE CRUMPLED PAPER FILTER. And I look like I'm missing a hand =/

Ok so I just felt asleep by accident (AGAIN) and had another weird dream.  
This is all I remember at this point of time. A minute later, I'll remember nothing, so I better type this out quick:

Dream 1:
Someone was using the toilet bowl as some sort of communication device. She was using it to talk to her friend who was in a cubicle at another location. And doing it like it was the most normal thing in the world. The  memory of her kneeling down and leaning forward towards the toilet bowl is all I have. Haha. Very fuzzy memory. Oh dreams.

Dream 2:
Pretty much everyone I knew (including my best Facebook friend- which in reality would be dumb because we'd never meet in person) was on a mountain. On a cycling trip. And wearing formal attire. And we all shook hands when we met. When usually I'd be like OMGOMGOMG HIIIIIIIIII!!!! Shaking hands with people, some of whom you've know all your life. Oh dreams.

Dream 3:
I was on a swing. On a beach.
Swinging and getting higher and higher. Then I saw a magnificient waterfall. Massive. Like Niagara Falls. And at both sides of that massive waterfall were man-made, smaller waterfalls, with the water cascading in smooth streams.
For the first time in life, i wasn't afraid of the swinging. Though I did have the cold feeling in my chest - the kind you get when you're falling from a height at high speed (if you've ever tried the Flying Fox). While swinging down I realised that thre was a beach at the OTHER side of the waterfall. nd one of my friends was in a shelter thing and pulling a lever.....
Darn I should have woken up to write the details down.

And I have another long-ass dream which I'll be dedicating an entire blogpost soon.


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