Photo of the Week - Let it Rain!

Muddy fields. Usually kinda gross, but I'm sure all of us in Singapore will welcome rain - mud and all, with open arms. And hearts. And doors. And resevoirs. And their dams. And our water bottles. You get the idea.

The heat is so intense I feel like getting an egg and leaving it on the ground somewhere to see if it cooks. I will never, never complain about rain again. And in December, when it rains so often, I'll be saying, "GEEZ stop raining already! I haven't gone to the beach for AGES!" Humans. Tsk.

Which means I can't dress like that anymore or risk melting!

 And I have so much fat in me that I'd drown the whole country with my fatty liquids. Just like Venice, except that they're water and we'll be in fats. We'll be famous!


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